From NY to PA and Beyond: The Introduction Of Hollywood BigBills

Hollywood BigBills is a rapper from South Jamaica Queens, New York. He also spent a majority of his youth living in the Bronx and Brooklyn. At the age of 16 he was moved to Kutztown, Pennsylvania. His raw unheard music comes from the hard life experiences he has dealt with as well as his love for music. He was raised by his single mother and grandparents. When he was eight years old he met his birth father and held a lot of resentment anger and animosity towards the man he was told was his father. Since they have grown together and bonded. 
Much of his music has anger he held in towards his father but also towards the lifestyle he lead at a young age. Hollywood saw a friend get shot, knows people who were killed and lived his life playing with the troublesome lifestyle in the streets of New York. He made mistakes and was living the life of a trouble some gentleman. He spent months behind bars at the young age of 24. His music breaks down his life from his bad choices to everything he has ever over come. He wants his music to be heard and to help lead the youth away from drugs and violence. His mission is to save the young people of our world. If he can touch enough people it is possible that the world can see positive change. Holly got a lot of inspiration from musical artists at a young age including but not limited to: 50 cent, Andre 3000, Kanye west and ma$e. His voice and flow are something no one has ever heard before. While working on finishing his mix tape he also has started recording for his album to be released. He currently has a number of songs released on reverb nation. 

His songs are listed number one locally and he is currently holding spot fifteen in the Philadelphia region. He has been working hard while also being the best possible dad to his three young toddlers. Along with raising three young children he was just recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which is a autoimmune disease. However he is not letting this disease stop him. The first words out of his mouth after receiving the diagnosis were “this gives me something to write about.”  He refuses to quit. Nothing and no one can get in the way of him accomplishing his dreams. The woman he is with has pushed him since they got together and that is what got him back writing and recording. She is now his manager and they are a power team.  He has started his clothing line including t shirts, hoodies, vinyl stickers and a hat line and fanny pack line coming soon. His future endeavors include franchising recording studios for inner city youth. The recording studios would be for troubled youth to come and be able to have an outlet for their frustrations and issues. These recording studios would include places to make music, lounge areas, mentors, green room productions, and certain locations opportunities to learn skills to build their own brands. 
Holly’s goal is to be able to help the youth become their own entrepreneurs. He gets inspiration from mentors such as other indie artists such as: kony brooks and sunny blak to name a couple. He is currently recording with his affiliated label UBF also known as united beyond family. UBF is a small group of individuals who have met during hard times and consider themselves family. The label was established in 1999 through Timillion also know as the Wyclef kid and sunny blak. UBF is an up and coming indie power house label combining artists from New York, Pennsylvania and other states. BigBills has decided once his mix tape is out of production he will be selling physical copies for only one dollar. His main motivation for his music is getting his voice heard and his story to be told. Be sure to look for Hollywood BigBills new singles “Get Loose” and “Hard 4 Me” coming soon to all major streaming platforms as well as his first mixtape “Return of the 8 track”.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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