Bogolub Records proves, there is nothing you can’t do, there is, “no right age”, “no right time”. Believe and you can achieve!

Phil has worked as an engineer for most of his career. Early on during college he created an album on cassette called, “Star Systems”. This album was a product of its time. No words, all music and all analog. It had a couple of pop songs, a couple of love songs, and some new age music. At that point in the 80’s he was about to embark on his musical career but only after he worked as an engineer for a short period of time to save enough money to start on his musical journey. His intentions and motives were sound but then he did not foresee getting married and having kids.

A few years ago, some major changes occurred in Phil’s life. His kids moved out and he was getting a little restless in his career. Thoughts of playing music again zipped through his mind. After several conversations and close analysis with his wife he decided to stay where he was and see what happens. Unbeknownst to Phil this was the catalyst which brought him to where he is at now.
After coming home from work one day his wife asked, “are you okay”? Home, is where there are no pretenses. He told her, “work is not the same, my fire in the belly is gone”. After that things started presenting themselves which then opened up a choice, music or continue on as an engineer. At this point he pulled out his old 6 string, electric guitar, and piano and started to play. The fire in the belly was still there, just not for being an engineer. At this point he started writing and playing again. He purchased a drum set, bass guitar, 12 string, electronic drums, and a new computer. He also purchased interfaces and studio equipment. The next thing he knew, the first thing he would do after work, was write and record...the fire was back! All of Phil’s music is written, created, recorded, mixed, played, and sung by Phil. After about 1.5 years of intense nonstop recording Phil had enough material to put it out in the real world.

That brings us to now. Phil’s music is quite different from the music he created in the 80’s. His music comes from the experiences he has encountered over his lifetime and his travels around the world. “My music is a culmination of where I am now and where I have been, it is about the struggles in life and about the successes. It is about the smiles and the tears. It is about the ups and the downs we experience every day. Ultimately it is about life…”

Phil’s new website, premiers two new music videos, alone & Together and Phantasm. His music video producer/director/choreographer and good friend, Lee Ann Marie, takes his music and puts a visual and purpose on it like no one else can. It is all about positivity and support. Phil is genuine with his attitude of how and what he offers to customers and how he makes a difference in the world. How is Bogolub Records unique, CUSTOMER SERVICE, he says with a smile! From the beginning he will talk to you on the phone, computer, Facetime or video call and he will go through your project with a set list of questions to design your game plan. No endless texting, emailing or instant messaging from his business. Another difference is his mission statement, “Empowering others empowers ourselves”. All songs purchased through Bogolub Records whether it is a one-time purchase or a full project for a movie trailer, movie soundtrack, commercial or podcast, will have 5% go to a charity named on his website. Since Phil composes, writes, produces, and plays all his own original material he is a one stop shop. 
He goes back to the basics of one on one customer service, deadlines, and update meetings to complete your project on time, with integrity, honesty, and customer service his number one priority. Phil is working on his new musical, “AJANOI”. He is also writing music for a TV pilot, Bogolub Records podcasts, and serval other creative projects. With Phil’s unique music production concepts, he will give your project its distinctive purpose. Phil has a generous catalog of musical compositions and podcast concepts to fit into any genre. Give him a call so he can assess how his music and concepts can give your movie trailer, movie soundtrack, commercial, podcast, or radio show its clear and unique voice!
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:


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