Baltimore’s Hip hop Artist Vietnam Dropped “Moves to Make Moves”

National Recording Artist / 1 million streams on Spotify hip hop artist Vietnam- Born Hector Rivera Jr From Brooklyn, Newyork. Later in 1983 would moved to Baltimore, City to a town called Highlandtown. As a young child he was influenced by many artists from the 80,s . Later on into the 90.s vietnam began practicing his vocal skills with other friends and had a group called World Destruction which was formed in 1998 but nothing never became of it. 
Vietnam starting writing and performing music in the late 90`s his influencers were many of the icon legends in the rap game like rund dmc 2pac , nas, biggie, jay-z, ice cube, master p, wu tang, mobb deep and many of the greats. In 2001 vietnam was introduced to sinister Dice by long child hood friend George Blische jr. Vietnam and sinister Dice became a group first called Gods Forgotten soldiers then changed to Iron Heartz. Iron Heartz has only singles together as a group 60 dayz, cold streets, what u know about life, Back it up, The streets are to name a few. Though Iron Heartz remains a group. vietnam has started his long anticipated solo career with feats from J-Hood (former Dbloc member), Sadat x,(Brand Nubian) Beretta9(killarmy) and also a solo album Titled One life to live.

Vietnam is currently working on 2 different albums The Devils PlayGround which feats Jhood on that album on the single Gather up which is on all streaming outlets now.  but also Vietnam has another album in the works titled 40   which will be dropping in 2020 .Vietnam owns and runs his own label Dominant Music Group  and his own station Blazin Mics fm.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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