Wriddyl paints picture-perfect scenes with his music

Cincinnati-based Wriddyl paints picture-perfect scenes with his music, and his esoteric, downtempo beats are prone to pulling on heartstrings. With sombre tones and soulful licks that echo the complexities of human vulnerability, Wriddyl’s music is as deep and emotive as it gets.

Thematically, his music touches on a variety of themes to do with desire, love, pain and loss, and he draws inspiration from a variety of influences including Lamb, Portishead, and Pink Floyd.

In his own words, Wriddyl does his best to “speak without a tongue”, and hopes to connect with others on a deeper level through sound. This narrative sets the premise for his EP “Me This”, which debuted on May 25th 2019. It’s an ocean-deep blend of downtempo electronic vibes and tastefully executed pop-esque vocals that is equally as dynamic as it is sonically engaging. “Me This” is entirely him on production duties, and showcases not only his vast multi-instrumental talents but also variety of session vocalists that feature across the EP. He released his freshly prepared EP ‘Putting The Pieces Together’, on August 9th 2019 accompanied with 3 music videos to aid its multi-format release.

Coming from a fairly musical lineage, Wriddyl’s foray into music began with his father teaching him how to play the saxophone and piano when he was just 5 years old. He would then go on to learn the trumpet and guitar in middle school. It wasn’t until he bought his very first 4-track recorder that the music production bug truly ‘bit’ him -- and the artist would get lost for hours on end arranging and splicing tracks together. Inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd (Atom Heart Mother is cited as a pivotal influence), Wriddyl sought to recreate the ‘journey’ like properties that was synonymous with progressive rock. 

It would be a disservice to say that Wriddyl is only inspired by music. In fact, he takes influence from a multitude of formats, though his taste is consistent in that many of the movies, art and books have a mysterious ‘air’ about them. MC Escher, Salvador Dali, Stephen King and Kelly Flannagan are just a few of these artists and writers who have helped shape Wriddyl into the artist he is today.

His debut EP ‘Me This’ went on to achieve high placements in a variety of charts, including a Top 100 on Jango for Heart Beat, Wild Desires and Crazy Love. Additionally, it amassed a slew of free plays from Jango, and cemented positions in 20 high-profile Spotify playlists. To date, Wriddyl’s music has gone from 0 to over 40,000 plays in an extremely short amount of time, and is a testament to the success of his latest EP.

Future Projects
Not one to stop and smell the roses, Wriddyl is already hard at work, setting the wheels in motion for his next release, titled ‘Putting The Pieces Together’. Wriddy’s follow-up EP is born from a string of dire and unfortunate circumstances, namely a close friend tragically taking their own life. Naturally, the project deals with a slew of heavy emotions, and is a raw and honest account of the artist trying to work through this tough period in his life. 

He considers the EP to be his most ambitious work yet, and admittedly none of the writing process ever felt contrived. “It was never forced -- I just sat down and moved through each piece” he quotes. The EP also sees him explore a range of new software suites, new studio toys, and a higher degree of experimentation in the songwriting process itself. Stylistically, there is a larger focus on jazz-fusion, and an emphasis on intricate piano and horn sections.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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