TullyXV is a collaboration of two dedicated artists: Karl and Che Southers

Recently they have discovered a new, unique sound. For two years up until January 2019 they were playing up to three or four times a week at open mics, paid gigs and festivals in Jersey. They gained a lot of experience and, with Karl being the front man, gained a lot of confidence. In 2017 they played at Jersey's biggest festival 'Weekender' as a headlining act on The Wonky Factory Stage. In 2019, they started to produce their own tracks and in doing so created a single called 'You&Me' which now has over 25k streams on Spotify. About a month ago they were approached by Bentley Records to join their label, after one of their A&R representatives found their music on Spotify. They instantly saw it as a great opportunity to keep their unique sound, but get bigger and better. They signed.  Within days they had written their soon to be released single, ‘Stay for a Minute’ (S4AM).

‘S4AM’ is an Indie/Alternative track and is their favourite track they have created together, both musically and lyrically. TullyXV believe the lyrics fit well with the vibe of the song and create a dynamic that they haven’t heard much lately in the music industry. Before ‘S4AM’ was released, the final version of the song was sent to BBC Introducing in the hope they might get heard on the radio. It was played twice in the first 24 hours, once on their local main radio station and the second time they had the acclaim of being the opening song of the BBC Introducing set and has been replayed several times since.

Karl picked up the guitar at a very young age and naturally felt at home with this instrument and although he needed some encouragement from his parents to stay focused, he quickly made it a part of his daily routine and it has remained a key part of his musical development. Quite early he began to add vocals alongside his guitar development and, through a natural progression, an act was born which would allow him to express himself publicly and become a regular on stage at local events.

Che took a different route in her development as a musician, beginning slightly later than Karl whilst also being slightly older. Che began on piano and worked to improve an extremely difficult skill. Not content with one instrument, Che also took a liking to the drums and quickly began lessons to learn more, with drumming becoming her passion. Che has also recently added the guitar to her repertoire, ensuring she is a well-rounded multi-talented musician.

Once they had both established themselves as individual musicians they began to experiment in different collaborations firstly as a duo, then by forming a couple of bands, which proved too difficult to maintain due to limited rehearsal space. They performed locally together as ‘KCSouthers’ for a period, and quite quickly found themselves invited to many of the key events put on throughout Jersey.

And then TullyXV was born which has allowed them to rebrand their sound away from cover songs and develop their own music, pulling on a growing understanding of what constitutes a good set of lyrics along with a gripping melody.

Although TullyXV is a young collaboration still finding their feet within the industry, they have wasted no time carving out an excellent niche in which they can grow their unique style and sound. Their music has been born out of a number of influences which have helped shape, not only their sound but the approach taken to creating it. With influences such as Eden and Billie Eilish it was never going to be purely mainstream.

We can safely say that TullyXV are here to stay and are both excited to see what else they can create for us all in the future.
Though they was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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