Travis Lawlor is Importing the Straight Dope Flows as Import

In an industry flush with negativity, Travis Lawlor aka Import wants to focus on the positives. 

I had the pleasure of listening to his debut album ‘Mad World’ and it’s clear that the Canadian artist is determined to overcome his struggles. Turning negatives to positives is a constant theme. Released in March 2019, the album has an underground, yet new school and spiritual vibe. Every song is real, raw, and authentic. He has evidently lived every line. ‘Mad World’ is available to stream on all major platforms.nThe LP also features production and features from heavyweight Producer C-Lance and Stomp Downs very own Evil Ebenezer.

The Canadian hip-hop scene should get on the bandwagon early. It’s obvious he will be a force to be reckoned with in years to come. 

Originally from St.ephenville, Newfoundland,the 28 year old artist knew hip hop was for him the first time he heard Eminem as a kid.mAfter realizing music was a big help with his anger and anxiety, he wanted to help other people going through the same. It was not until years later, however, that these lessons sunk in. A long way from home in Edmonton, Alberta, Lawlor found himself homeless and involved with the wrong crowd. Fortunate enough to have family to help him, he moved home, licked his wounds, learned his lessons and started over.

After graduating College of the North Atlantic in 2016 with a diploma in Metal Fabrication, Lawlor discovered his passion for tattooing. A friend just happened to ask him if he wanted to learn, he accepted and never looked back.

Slinging ink is what you can find him doing at Tat Tomb Gallery in Sydney, Nova Scotia. That is, when he is not working on his craft or attending one of many tattoo expos or music festivals. Tattooing is more then a stream of income for the up and coming artist. It allows him to deal with social anxiety, becoming more comfortable around people. Doors started to open up when he did. 

With a girlfriend and young daughter at home, Lawlor’s pursuit of his dream is about more then just him. Their support has made him more determined then ever to succeed. “My daughter is my biggest fan,” he told me over a Facebook message. “She loves music, and I hope she can grow up to be proud of my accomplishments and how far I’ve come.” 

With a second album in the making, he is laser focused on applying what he learned after Mad World’s release. He wants to put more energy into marketing the project digitally, and less into printing physical CD’s. He is ecstatic about breaking through barriers, and getting to work with several artists he looks up to on his sophomore drop.  

If there is one thing he wants fans to take from his music, it is to be yourself and do what you love. He wants to help people set their own trends and create their own paths, despite the haters that come with the journey. Despite his big dreams, he insists on stopping to smell the roses. “Drugs and alcohol will only cloud your judgment and make you feel worse in the end,” he reflects. 

When it comes to performing, the size of his heart often outweighs the size of the crowd. Whether performing for one or one thousand, the adrenaline pumps through his veins; he is ready to give the performance of his life.

Earlier in 2019, he started his clothing line, Lawless Apparel. He was eager to produce clothing that looked good, yet represented his music at the same time. His first design was his trademark, ‘Let Em Hate,’ black tee, and the company was born. With many ugly stereotypes attributed to rising stars in hip-hop, none of them hold true to Import. He is the full package.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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