Spiritual Revolution time with Tripzville

Tripzville are a fluid and developing project founded by Markus Lane who hails originally from Belfast ,Northern Ireland and now resides in Auckland ,New Zealand. We already have keyboard player Kevin Palace onboard and have secured the services of talented local video maker/photograher Karl Trophymann.  We want to have fun developing visuals to go along side the music and we will be releasing videos online to help develop our brand.

Tripzville songs tend to be spiritual and political in content and Sound wise Tripzville are influenced by many diverse bands like Massive Attack, the Fixx, Ultravox, Gary Numan, the Chameleons, Rammstein ,the National, Roger Waters, David Bowie [to name a few].
The first Tripzville release is a 4 track EP called the 3,6 and 9 EP which refers to the magical universal numbers mentioned by Nikola Tesla. This EP rocks along with lots of guitars,synths/piano, deep vocals backed by falsetto vocals and good old steady rock beats and sing along choruses .
The 4 tracks are "Sick Guns' which is basically a call to people to look at how they spend their working hours, who are they working for ,is it beneficial to humanity or only beneficial to the rich elite or a mechanism to steal from or control the masses or make life harder for the masses . Track 2 is "Halo" which is asking you to metaphorically put on your Halo as often as possible in this very difficult existence and re-educate yourself and love your fellow man. Track 3 "Already One" is about the fact that we Humanity are already one, but we just do not realise it yet, nor the importance of this discovery. And finally track 4 is "the Nikola Tesla song" which makes clear in no uncertain terms the urgent need for a complete change in human systems and that this can only come about with a radical change of the human heart.

Markus intents to build a musical community that can create great music and at the same time play a little part in the much needed worldwide awakening process. Tripzville are great admirers and supporters of many amazing modern-day heroes including such individuals as Dr Jordan Peterson,Russell Brand, Marianne,Williamson, Dr John Bergman ,David Icke ,Jason Shon Bennett and George Monbiot. [if you do not know who these people are I strongly suggest you find out. It could change your life and your loved ones]

An interesting and perhaps fun/sad story from Markus Lanes days as a musician in Belfast, Northern Ireland was the time he was sending a demo of his then band Beezwax from Belfast to London based record company EMI records. The demo was package up with a picture on the front of the package of the band all wearing blonde Andy Warhol wigs with dark glasses on and a bright flash of light behind them [all rather surreal]. Unfortunately for us the post office where we were posting the package had had a threat from a local paramilitary group the week before and hence were rather suspicious of this package with this picture of strange looking individuals with what looked like a bomb flash behind them. Needless to say the British Army bomb disposal experts were quickly called in and the Demo was blown to kingdom come. But the positive side to all these fun and games was that the story came to the attention of the local press and we got a great write up in Northern Irelands largest selling paper the "Belfast Telegraph'. 
I think perhaps Tripzville can be summed up with this lyric from their track the Nikola Tesla song "For the first time in history the physical survival of the human race depends on a radical change of the human heart which must be accompanied by drastic social and economic changes.
Though the band was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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