Shimmer Johnson is proving to be a formidable & versatile force in the North American music scene

Shimmer Johnson was born and raised in Canada and is well-known for her haunting melody lines, honest lyrics, and touching songs, connecting with her audience in a way that leaves them with her songs on ‘repeat’. Shimmer adds her own piano to the music, as well as sings and produces all her own material, collaborating with people all over the world, such as Steve McClintock (“All This Time” for 80's pop star “Tiffany”), and Kevin Fisher, well known for his work with “Rascall Flatts” and even Michael Jay (“Toy Soldier” for 80's pop star Martika). Writing songs for multiple genres, ranging from pop, contemporary, and rock, Shimmer Johnson is proving to be a formidable and versatile force in the North American music scene. 

Currently Shimmer is planning on releasing a pop single with "Hook & Rhyme Records" To be released 2019 through The Orchard / Sony Music. Shimmer also is planning the release of her pop/dance remixes single "BREAKING" to be released with Audio Freaks in the UK. Currently it is getting rave reviews and being played at big festivals of over 15000 people. 

Shimmer is also planning a full album release for the metal pop rock album "SHADOWS" with the band DEBENEDETTA featuring Barry Bennedetta on guitar and Shimmer Johnson on vocals. The song "MY REFLECTION" by DeBenedetta to be used in a tv series "Theosight" which is being released in 2019. 

Shimmer is also in the process of getting her songs placed in other films through out the 2019-2020 year. Below is the social media links to both SHIMMER JOHNSON and the band DEBENEDETTA that Shimmer is part of. Great future ahead for Shimmer Johnson. Make sure to follow and listen to Shimmer's music today! Future star and songwriter. 
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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