Script Descartes by his real name Orèdola Descartes Sébastien MONDOTE is a Beninese producer of alternative electronic music Passionate about video games and fascinated by electronic music, rock, pop and film music, Script Descartes started the music production in August 2017. He was very much influenced by the music of video games of which he is a big fan without forgetting the British Islando group "One Direction". He is also inspired by DJs such as Alan Walker, Avicii, Martin Garrix, Kygo, Marshmello and many others. Born of a father teacher and a shopping mother script Descartes was born on January 20, 1997 in Bohicon in his country of origin Benin. Shy, Script Descartes had only 3 great passions to know about video games, football and cartoons. He obviously had everything from the ordinary little boy, but he was kind of natural and had trouble living in society. 

Not having many friends, he preferred to lead a life of isolation. Helped by his father, he is nevertheless noticed in primary school because he managed to stay among the best of his class. In 2007 he obtained his primary school certificate and separated from his childhood band. His father leaves town the same year for work reasons. He spent most of his adolescence with his mother and maternal grandmother. Having social difficulties he gradually became lonely while clinging to his passions that helped him hold on. Very big fan of the Nigerian duo P-square he wove a strong link with African urban music. However video games were the essence of his existence. So that music was relegated to the background. He remained in the top 3 of his promotion until he obtained his undergraduate study certificate. But alas, His passion for video games turned to an obsession when he met a circle of gamers just as passionate as him. He completely integrated the world of gaming to the point where he began to neglect studies.
 He spent his free time playing and reading video game articles on the net. He also started to love video game music without really being aware of it at first. Since then, his dream was to become a video game programmer. But things turned out differently the more years passed, the lower his grades dropped in school. In 2014 he passed his end-of-the-cycle exam but failed. It was a painful experience for him and his family. This first school failure was the beginning of a whole new chapter in his life. Seeking to forget this bitter moment he began to listen to music more frequently. Soon he fell in love with pop rock music that helped him overcome the pain of his failure.

In 2015 he became a big fan of music in all categories. He graduated in the same year and flew to university in the city of Dassa to live again with his father. Always keen on video games, Descartes does not give up her passion for life but combines it with the musical world. Which gives him a new breath of life. He was totally seduced by the music of the EDM style with the tracks "Wake Me UP" and "I NEED YOUR LOVE" respectively of Swedish DJ AVICII and CALVIN HARRIS while he was playing at Pes 2015 with a friend. He soon became addicted to this musical style when he began to listen to songs from the same register. He started the music because of a strange inspiration he had in May 2017 when he knew nothing about music production. So he threw himself into the search for musical production software in the desire to materialize his imagination. It was only after a few months that he received Fl Studio software from a friend in September 2017 who gave him some basics on the day of their meeting. 

He began to work with his laptop and gradually abandoned these activities and passions for the benefit of music In order to improve and produce good music, he produced two long mixes in these beginnings on which he worked for months. But it was not until August 2018 that he concretized the inspiration of 2017 which had pushed him to become producer that he entitled "Blessing Day". He released this first professional title in December 2018 in instrumental version. A vocal version in collaboration with Mr KDY entitled "Blessing Day ft. Mr KDY" comes out a month later with another title (Electro House/ Melodic HOuse) PRIDE. Very influenced also by the music of the Cinema Script Descartes is inspired by the famous marvel film "Avengers Infinity War" to produce his title Electro House "AVENGERS" released on April 26, 2019. It also produces many titles, most of which is still undisclosed to this day Academically he continues his university studies in biomedical still in his native country

PRIDE: (electro house / melodic house) pride is an instrumental song directed mainly by curved instrumental and linear bass.

BLESSING DAY : Available in the instrumental version (2018) and in the lyric version (ft. Mr KDY) is an electro gospel house song released in January 2019.A mix of hip hop and Gospel pop that goes in the direction of the celebration.

AVENGERS : Inspired by the movie "Avengers Infinity War"  avengers is a progressive House electro song based on the genre Soundtrack . A rhythmic sound with a bass essentially rock that is perfectly in the style of EDM. A perfect mix of soundtrack and electro house with a pinch of rock.

LEGENDARY : Pure Electro Soundtrack legendary (Orchestral sound) is in the register of music of the Cinema. Inspired by the soundtrack of the movie Warcraft and the famous series Game Of Throne
Legendary is the last notable output of Script Descartes.

FUTURE PROJECTS many titles produced but few outputs here is what to remember at least for the moment. Several titles in the style Electro house, Deep House, complex electro etc and sounds resulting from the mixing of several musical styles in the perspective of innovation are planned. Video clip and EDM title remix projects are heavily targeted. Nearly 50 musical projects in progress without mentioning those not started are to be notified as well as a long-term soundtrack production.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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