Sangreal is an international project that connects epic metal with topics from ancient texts, mysticism and esotericism

Sangreal is an international project that connects epic metal with topics from ancient texts, religious themes, legends, mysticism and esotericism. An epic journey between legends and history.

The brainchild of the guitar player Jahn Carlini, (Great Master) the line-up is composed by Gabriele Grilli on vocals (ex-Doomsword), Alessandro Battini (Dark Horizon, Ghost City) on keyboards, Francesco Russo (ex-Shadows Of Steel) on the guitar, the Cypriot bass player Paris Lambrou (ex-Arrayan Path, Astronomikon) and the Finnish multi-instrumentalist Matti Auerkallio (Ultimatium, Katra) on drums.
The starting coordinates are clearly the classics, Manowar, Manilla Road, but also Warlord and Virgin Steele, bands that have greatly influenced Sangreal members since their musical beginnings. Everything was then re-read with a more theatrical and symphonic key, exploiting the orchestral arrangements, which gave the songs a decidedly dramatic and cinematic mood.

The  debut album was released in late May 2019 for the Underground Symphony record label. It contains 9 tracks that deal with themes from the bible, ancient legends like the holy grail, stories that are lost in the mists of time like the ring of Solomon King or stories taken from medieval books like Dante's divine comedy.

Beyond the excellent reviews received by the webzines and specialized magazines, the biggest sales of the album have so far been in the Hellenic Republic, where evidently resides a hard core of fans, which follows the Epic scene with great enthusiasm.

It was not expected that the album to bring so much interest into the Christian Metal movement, which instead became intrigued not only by the purely musical part, but also by the lyrics, obviously inspired by different passages in the Bible. La band hope this is only the beginning and that other listeners can also give the Sangreal a chance.

The band does not hide it, it was born as a project only on paper, because both Jahn Carlini and the other members gave priority to their own bands, Great Master, Dark Horizon etc. Now, however, that the debut album has come out, it was found that something moved in the international Epic metal scene, so much so that the band also received proposals to play live, in some festivals abroad. Now they are evaluating this, because they really didn't expect it!

For Sangreal the future is yet to be written. What started as a project and a kind of divertissement turned into a real band and they will surely there will be a new chapter after the debut album, which was initially seen as a point of arrival. 
Though they was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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