Milan trying to establish his footprint in Serbia music scene

Music producer & remixer, Milan Kitanovic, well known in a place as DJ Milan Production continued, recreationaly to compose music till his 19’s. Since 2005 he is active music producer, and till now made over 100 music tracks. Mostly make from home production, and besides that also Tech-House, Electro-House, Progressive House, Chillout, Vocal House, Vocal House Anthems, Electro, Dance, EDM, Future House Anthems,and Retro Wave..

In 17 with his older brother he began  to learn first steps of Electronic sound. In 2005 he started to produce his first electro named “PARADISE”. In 2010 he released his debut album named “The Reason of Life”. The album full of progressive house chillout that represent the perfect style of Milan. Till now he had more over 100 tracks that blended with the various genre style from EDM to classic pop country music. With the help of his younger brother, Milan trying to establish his footprint in Serbia music scene.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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