MAXX LOVE`s lyrics certainly hold up a banner for a better world

MAXX LOVE , featuring Cassandra B. on vocals , released a new tune called “ Hope Don`t Fade “ on September 9th . A lot of preparation and “homework“ has gone into the release of that great single which the band believe will be the first step towards their goal towards success. It`s already been put on You Tube and received over 1 K hits in the first few hours .Cassandra`s soulful voice and striking Italian looks gained her the attention in the music as well as in fashion circles. So when she came to London in 2014 leaving behind her homeland Italy it was no surprise that she started modelling working with several photographers, also posing for the London Fashion Week 3 years ago. She was on TV for commercials, films, TV series and some music videos (in the first music video of the singer Mabel in 2015). In Italy she toured as backing singer with Italian superstar Gerardina Trovato where she also played in a variety of bands of different genres. She had 3 years singing training from a well-known singing teacher in Italy, Morena Garbin, who supported her through the big challenges one faces in the music business. Cassandra loves music as much as the environment and says “ I'm vegetarian almost vegan - I care a lot about nature and animals.” 

In London she met songwriter / producer Ralph Allison who had previous releases with Warner Bros as a songwriter and has his recording studio in South London. Ralph co-wrote a song for well-known Swedish actress Pernilla Wahlgren a few years back which was in the Swedish top 10 . This record was produced by Chris Porter who also produced David Bowie and the late George Michael . When Ralph met producer Tony Mansfield (who had various chart successes ) he received some great news. Mansfield told him that Warner Bros. wanted to release one of his compositions, co-written with his brother Valentine , for famous Spanish singer Miguel Bose . The album reached No.1 in France , went platinum in South America and brought the 2 brothers fresh hope of “ making it “ in the music industry. 

Ralph loves to work with his brother Valentine who penned a top 10 New York dance chart hit a few years back . Valentine was then signed by Rumour Records and the song “ Let the Energy flow “ could be heard daily on London`s airwaves. 

Fast forward to present times : The trio realized that the music scene is ever more competitive. Advancement in music technology make it now possible for even someone with a low budget to start writing music from home . The band knew that approaching any record company without laying the foundation would be a waste of time – so they decided to take matters in their own hands and self- released their music - an EP , in 2018. Whereas self-releasing a song is not exactly expensive and laborious , the promotion that has to go with self-releasing is. 

The decision was made : MAXX LOVE released their first EP entitled “ The Rhythm of Love EP “ in that year containing 4 tracks which ended up in the top 10 of the Reverbnation Dance Charts . The aforementioned single “ Hope Don`t Fade “ that followed will also be a self-release distributed by United Artists in September this year. The band thinks 2019 will be their springboard to higher achievements – 2019 certainly was a turning point for singer Cassandra on a personal note too as she gave birth to her baby daughter a few months back . That lovely baby-girl is an inspiration and her talented mum says : “ I believe we can achieve anything, but it takes a lot of brain work. So many times we are stuck on the wrong thoughts, which stop us from getting what we want. 

“ In 2019 the band wants to further reach out with newly great unreleased material as they think the time has come to take their music the next step “ up the ladder “ . But why the name “ MAXX LOVE “? MAXX with two X stands for maximum . The band says : “ We want to spread Maximum Good Vibes to our audience . There is too much aggression and violence on TV , movies and in the news . People need to re-learn MORE Love and LESS aggression. There is a lot of kids , teens and adults too who feel that this world is not giving them enough . Too much self-centeredness and little compassion for anyone else should not shape the world we live in.” MAXX LOVE`s lyrics certainly hold up a banner for a better world - in fact the band thinks the lyrics are at least as important as the musical content . May you , the reader , decide on their world-views when listening to their tunes. Enjoy !
Though they was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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