Lucí has a fire to make a name for himself and it is relentless

Lucí LeAndré is an American, Southern-California raised musical artist. The 24 year-old “Traphouse Crooner,” is in production of his debut album, set to release late 2019. Don’t be mislead by the term “debut” as this artist isn’t new to the game. His previous 5 studio projects were released under the alias Valor. His most recent album “Songs 2 Get Stoned & Astral Project 2” released June 6th of 2019. The albums long headway started with singles such as the dark humorous and explicit “Slendermannz” featuring LGBT repping rapper Jordan Royal, the playful and all too specific “2nd Microwave” as well as the indie sultry slow-jam “Body Language” in the Fall of 2018. He then released follow up single “Worst of Me” a punchy, more rapped than sang, 808 driven track on new years eve 2018/19. Alongside the album he premiered visuals for both “Lucid Dreaming 2 Astral Spaces” on May 9th & “Slendermannz (feating J. Royal)” on August 14th. 
Lucí LeAndré “self directed” his visuals, utilizing his unique vision & directing style, as well as his experience behind the scenes in film & special effects to capture a new-age, grimy, vintage and perfectly imperfect aesthetic to his visuals, layering projector media with performance shots. Lucí LeAndré was born Valor Chase Wasson on July 28th 1995 in Riverside, CA. The multifaceted force of nature took on guitar lessons at age 11, taught himself keyboards and piano at age 12 and he learned to play trumpet, baritone and clarinet in school. He started writing songs and poems at age 10 and started learning to produce original beats and compositions to pair with it at age 12. He started composing original film scores at age 17 on director Aman Anand’s horror short film “Stranded”. Followed by several other shorts, commercials and miscellaneous composing and producing gigs. His latest composition works are 2019 Feature Film “Underneath the Same Moon” Directed by Bob Wasson. The film took numerous awards among all of the festivals it has been entered in; including Best Soundtrack at several film festivals such as: Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema, Los Angeles Film Awards, Global Music Awards, Depth of Field, among others. Lucí announces his “first single from the album will be released Monday September 23rd, and it’ll be as scorching as the dog days in So-Cali.” The title of the track has been eluded at this time and will be announced at a later date. He also shares “I’ve had a few other things up my sleeve and in the works.” 

He continues “I plan to release a deluxe version for 4 of my previous albums (Dying in the Fast Lane, Paradox Paradise, Leo Season [mixtape], & Songs 2 Get Stoned & Astral Project 2) over the next year or so. I believe in newness and keeping the creative vision flowing and moving in the only direction in which it should move.. which is forward, however I have a lot of work from different eras in my career that has never really been heard and it’s work I still strongly believe in. So deluxe editions are on the way, and more visuals are also on the way but I’m also not letting that get in the way of producing new material and tackling new obstacles.” He explains. In the short time since the release of the film & 5th studio album, Lucí LeAndré does not plan on letting the dust settle. With an Ep & Album in the works and constructing a tour from the ground up, Lucí has a fire to make a name for himself and it is relentless. 
This industry veteran is a fresh new face, with a fresh new sound and a lot to say. His forthcoming album talks sexuality, higher power and spirituality, politics and hierarchy, love lust and loss. It’s a vintage atmospheric sound with a hip hop influence and dynamic trap beats. Full of social criticism and unbearable honesty. “I can’t wait to share this positive and new perspective on life… to share my life with everyone through this next musical journey. It’s been a blessing to be able to have my music as an outlet to tell my story and leave my legacy though music in these little segments since my debut release in 2012,” says Lucí “and since 2007 on myspace music” he continues to joke. “Improvement and constant movement is key, and its such a blessing to live my life doing what I love.” He concludes.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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