INTERVIEW The French phenomenon NuDisco

Two Artists touch on everything Martine PERTHUS and Philippe PERTHUS, passionate about creation and music, form The INTERVIEW Group. For many years, they have organized events for cinema, music and fashion in the most prestigious places of the Capital: le Palace, les Bains, les Folies Pigalle, etc ... where the whole of Paris as well as all the international stars they crossed and they played and rub shoulders with many DJs who have since become planetary stars.

INTERVIEW has stormed the music industry and is present on all fronts. They produce a radio show and a PlayList that is listened to in more than 70 countries where they make us discover new talents alongside famous artists and DJs. They are very present on social networks where their fans are more and more numerous every day.

Brother and sister, this charming duo rocked by the Pop-Funk sound composes with four hands; they cultivate an unbridled imagination and you discover their music through a very special world, stamped "Made in Paris" for the world. Friends and accomplices since childhood, their sweet and peaceful childhood was rocked by the Pacific Ocean, the warm sand and the bright colors of the tropical islands where they lived. It is undoubtedly his childhood in the tropics to the rhythm of drums and percussion that Philippe at the age of 10 begins his first experiences with music by learning the drums for many years.

Then he has a musical revelation listening to Chic with Nile Rodgers (guitar) and Bernard Edwards (bass) and it is from this moment that these first "Riffs" of guitar resound in the family home where he will spend long hours to learn! Martine is never far away because she is first of all her first fan and especially her artistic advisor. Philippe will form the first group "INTERVIEW" and the famous hit "Salut Les Salauds" at the age of 20 remixed by the legendary German DJ Bernie Bernthaler. (Club 54 à NYC, l'Elysées Matignon Paris 8ème, etc...)

This title was recently the subject of a book written by a sociologist CNRS "Une histoire du rap en France" (Karim Hammou) who tells the origin of the French RAP which we are very proud to have been the precursors of this beautiful musical adventure that continues ... This title has been recanted on the label "BORN BAD RECORDS".  Another version is released this month on the INTERVIEW label.
Though they was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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