Imagine a little house in Norderstedt, a town near Hamburg in Northern Germany. Inside there are two floors and a cellar. In this cellar is a room, full of musical and technical equipment, some call this a studio. So – welcome to the home of Udo Wiesner, aka Bonsche! 

Bonsche raised up in a very musical family, parents and sister played several instruments and sang in choirs. Under this influence it was no wonder that the boy started playing piano at the age of three and guitar at the age of nine. During the schooldays he sang in the school choir and played piano in the school band. At 16 he formed his first band with four school mates, where he sang and played lead guitar and keyboard. Meanwhile he also formed a multitrack project with his best mate, composing own music and playing several instruments. They recorded a cassette tape with a few tracks once a year and sold it to friends and fans. In 1995 they recorded and released their first CD.

He went to the SAE (School of Audio Engineering) and became an audio engineer, turning his hobby into his profession. During this time he laid the base of music production. 

bonsche was inspired by many different artists, he was and still is a great fan of The Fixx - also Yello, Howard Jones, Mike Oldfield, Billy Idol, Kate Bush, The Sisters of Mercy, The Police, Kraftwerk, to name some, were a great influence. 

After playing in several bands through the years, the demands of his job as an audio engineer for film and television raised, so he quit his band projects and started a solo project. In 2013 he was able to afford building up his own studio. There he works with Ableton Live and several gear (Waves Audio Plugins, Behringer, Beyerdynamic, AKG, Izotope, Rob Papen software a.s.o.) He started recording his first solo project as “Bonsche”.

“Every day, when I am producing, I learn more, about my recording software, about mixing, about mastering, using the right plugins in the right way, improving my skills not only technically, but definitely musically. This is a very great and satisfying feeling that I don’t want to miss!” 

His first projects were in the pop/rock genre, he was and still is also a singer/songwriter. Many tracks were born on the guitar, which is his main instrument besides the piano. But more and more he became interested in  EDM, and in March 2018 he changed sides and produced his first electronic track “Dark Mood”. Being a great fan of Splice.com and their huge selection of royalty free samples he digged deeper into this and produced “Abandoned”, the first EDM track at all for him.

“I like playing with samples of different kind and sometimes I transform them until they are not recognizable any more - pitching, EQing, chopping – it is really fun!” 

His experience as an audio engineer helps him to focus on the music, composition and arrangement, which is a big relief. Having also played drums and bass guitar in the past gives bonsche the knowledge of how these instruments are used, which allows him to enhance the human feeling when programming this kind of sounds.

“I remember mastering my first track, I think it took two or three weeks or so, and it was not very satisfying... Meanwhile I produce a very clean and tidy mix, so the mastering will only require about one hour, because there is not much to do – checking levels, a little EQing, a little compression, adding some warmth over all – that’s it.” 

In 2018 he produced various EDM tracks: “Run Away”, “Arriving”, “Reckless”, “Tell Me”, “Wake Up” and “Just Me”. All of these are available at all important platforms. He also creates the covers for all tracks and found his own unique style, with black background and the subject in the center. He put his tracks on Soundcloud and got a very good feedback to each of them, which was also a motivation to go on on this path and to get better with each track.

“When I received my first positive comments, it was like Christmas and birthday together, I was so happy! And then I knew, I am on the right way, giving fun and joy to the people. It is very satisfying!” 

This year bonsche released “I Don’t Miss You”, “OMG”, “Cry Baby” and “Summertime Pie” – until now. “Summertime Pie” breaks out of the EDM scheme: it is the first track of the new series, where Bonsche recorded his own voice and sang by himself. Although altering his voice and pitching it up and down, the main parts are sung and there are also verses and refrains. One day after the Soundcloud release he received several comments, which appreciated  this song. “Summertime Pie” got played over 7k times on a single day, until now it is more than 27k plays just on Soundcloud.

Bonsche is looking forward to the future and has already two upcoming tracks in the pipeline. EDM will be the main genre also in the future, but with some fancy elements in it. He is not fond of always doing the same, he rather wants to surprise the listeners with some unexpected stuff, ear candy and different beats. 

Being a one-man-show is the fundamental key of his producing, as he says: “I am my own boss, musician, technician, artist, cover creator a.s.o., so no one can stop me reaching my goals.” Nevertheless there are a few people in his life giving always feedback to his tracks, before they are released, which is a great help to think out of the box and to avoid getting narrow gauged. First of all there is his best mate, who is also a musician making electronic music, and second members of his family, all with their own taste of music and their own individual perspective on his work.

“For the time coming I hope that my audience will grow and that people are participating in the journey through my music.” There will be more from Bonsche to listen in the future. Be curious!
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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