Alt. Folk / Rocker Jordan Paul Stands Tall Against Darkness in the “Rain”

Award-winning Canadian alt. folk/rockster Jordan Paul tackles darkened inner dialogue in his new single, “Rain” — available now. 

“It’s about the black dog we all face,” he says of the year’s sophomore single. “It’s about the darkness and suffering that overcomes us throughout life, creating the contrast through which we are able to appreciate the light.” 

Paul’s oft-layered lyricism — including last month’s release, “Night Moon” and its symbolic inspiration from English poet William Blake’s late 18th century works, including The Four Zoas — is pointedly laid bare in “Rain,” further emphasizing the singer/songwriter’s sentiments. “Rain brings about a downpour, but also a rebirth and regeneration,” he shares. “The storm is necessary for the calm and clear on the other side to exist.”

“Without dark, there is no light.” 

It’s an existential theme intriguingly explored in Jordan Paul’s newest work, continuing an evolution in his distinctive style. “It is the contrast of dark and light... Of life and death... Of every opposing force that must exist in twisted harmony as all things seek homeostasis and balance at all times,” Paul says of “Night Moon,” his self-professed sonic probe into the seemingly opposing yet harmonious forces that encompass all things ‘human nature.’ “Night Moon” is about the nature of every being, and the complex interplay of elements that fuse together to form the whole of everything in existence.

Paul’s premiere single, ‘Archetype X,’ debuted in the Top 100 Alternative charts on iTunes, received widespread international online and college radio play, and earned Songstudio’s ‘Most Pitch-able Song’ and the SHINE Music Award. In early 2017, Paul was a featured songwriter by the Songwriters Association of Canada, and chosen to represent Canada at the Texas Songwriters Symposium in Austin, TX.

His music boasts notes of delicate, spacious, exploratory alt. folk/rock — all with a shadowy edge — and he has been dubbed “Canada’s Jeff Buckley” by three-time GRAMMY Award-winning producer Chris Birkett (Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads). Sleeping Bag Studios’ Jer has mused he’d be the result “if Queen, Mimicking Birds, Radiohead and Led Zeppelin had a beautiful love child.” 

As a songwriter, he has worked with the 18 GRAMMY Award-winning producer James Sanger (U2, Dido, Phil Collins), Darryl James of The Strumbellas (Double Platinum in Canada; Gold in USA and Australia), Matt Lipscombe (Lily Frost, Bran Van 3000), Amanda Mabro (Ron Sexsmith), Martin Kerr (#1 in Canada), Khalid Yassein (Wild Rivers), Chris Cargnello, and more. His music has received notable sync placements with The CW’s ‘The Secret Circle,’ Shaw TV’s ‘When Paintings Come Alive,’ MTV's 'Real World,' and LaJoie De Vie's short-film ‘Best Budz.’ 

Paul's forthcoming studio record will ultimately feature 11 original songs, including “Rain.” The album was recorded at Jon Anderson’s (Aidan Knight, Andy Shauf, Said The Whale) Protection Island Studios in Maple Ridge, BC and mastered by Noah Mintz (Marcy Playground, Broken Social Scene, Matt Mays). 

“Music is the fabric that ties our human emotionality together,” he shares. “It weaves the bond between us and lessens the distance we feel from our counterparts. “For me, it’s the very essence of my communication.” “Rain” and “Night Moon” are available now.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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