The Roomfull Southern Rock Rides Again

Together since 1999, The Roomfull have been taking a break from performing for a while, so their fans may have wondered where they’ve been. Turns out they were home, patiently and methodically recording their first release, ...If It’s Cool. 

The disc’s power is direct and gut-wrenching. The sound is professional and full and could bring some attention to the local band. “Recording the entire CD on our own allowed us to experiment on different sounds and textures,” the band states on its website. “It also allowed us to bring in other musicians, such as a horn section, percussionists and also backing vocals. The self-recording process was an enjoyable learning experience but we are looking forward to returning to the stage.”

Top-notch songwriting, with energetic and imaginative changes, breathes life not only into the void of Southern rock (which has been taking losses nationally since the Black Crowes bowed out of the running), but also adds something fresh to soul for 2002. Especially these days, when playing sould means singing like a girl while dressed like an Italian pimp. 

The Roomfull proves it can be done with a bit more machismo. On tunes like the opener Stop and Go, the band harnesses the musical wit and drive of ‘70s bands like War and modern sould-splitter Lenny Kravitz while playing the blues completely devoid of all the smooth cheese that’s ruined the genre. The members seem to bring back a bit of the unruliness soul and blues hasn’t seen in 30 years.

Roomfull singer Ray Tolbert may look like a sprite of a guy, but he sings with the anger of a pure Autsin bluesman, while guitarist Billy Caldwell lays down some slide guitar worthy of the Allmans. The band has snagged probably the best bass player in Columbus, Lovins, who gives this music such bite you want to crank it up in your car just to spite hip-hop. 

Filling out the lineup is a drummer whoe name even has the alliteration of Mitch Mitchell. The Roomfull’s Rich Ramsey never fails to find an interesting beat he can mold through every change; he attacts a lot of those War comparisons the band deserves.

It has been ages since the Roomfull’s release of ...If It’s Cool. However, with the recent digital release of the band’s 2002 CD, it has sparked a reboot of the much-loved Columbus, Ohio based band. 

A few months back, former bandmates, Rich Ramsey, Ray Tolbert, and Bill Caldwell discussed the idea of “getting the band back together.” Former member, Lovins, decided to pursue other projects, so the three remaining members sought out to find a new bass player. 

Their guy is Tom Howard. Tom is a veteran musician who rocks a smooth and effortless low end. After a couple of months, the band has begun a number of projects. For starters, the band’s gotta play. The boys worked out an impressive arsenal of songs that could fill three hours if you need ‘em. You can catch them playing at a venue near you throughout the state of Ohio. 

The band has also begun working on updated live audio and video. The Roomfull produces their own content, so the boys are learning the new tech and having a blast doing it! They have shot several live “Basement Recordings” songs which are being uploaded to their YouTube page periodically. They have also begun an earnest effort to record their live performances for, hopefully, some live releases. With the fall approaching, the band will begin recording a new release.  This will be their first proper album in almost twenty years. 
Though the group was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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