The Como Crescendo: A Band of Brothers Bringing Back the Heart of Music

Photo by Danielle Maddeux
By Tatiana Belanich
From today's big production-crazed, computer-generated and auto-tuned landscape, emerges two brothers who have not forgotten the soul of music. The Como Brothers, Matthew and Andrew, do not need the loud distractions. They remind audiences that raw talent can stand on its own and good music can speak for itself. As singers, songwriters and musicians, Matthew and Andrew make for a rare combination, some may say a triple threat in the music industry. They are artists motivated by the inescapable thrill of genuine expression and creation. If you peer into the Como Brothers story you will see it is one of developed passion to realized purpose, incessant perseverance to a pathway of success. They may only be two in number, but their presence keeps getting louder.

For any true artist, creation never ceases. The brother duo from Long Island, New York, affirm this truth in their eagerness to share their music with such praiseworthy ease. Matthew plays bass and Andrew plays guitar. From thousands of video views to thousands of followers, the Como Brothers have established themselves as serious artists and prove to have a good pulse on the ever-moving industry. To heed the industry's fast-paced nature and satisfy their own passion to create, they have vowed to release a new, original song every thirty days.

Their latest single Money was released on July 23rd. This belt-out ensuing, pop and hip-hop inspired song is a testament to not only their versatility as musicians, but their ingenuity. Whether it be a ballad or a rocker, their songs are deftly-produced, layered and smooth. They continue to maintain their momentum with the anticipated releases of their songs Take Me Home and Shooting Star. 

It is their sound that separates them from other acts. The Como Brothers do not confine themselves to one genre, which undeniably gives them an upper hand. They write pop and singer/songwriter tunes that take inspiration from rock, blues, R&B, soul and hip-hop. Individually, Matthew and Andrew bring their own flare, but together, they are an ideal mixture of timeless and contemporary which attracts the ears of many listeners.

Not only do the brothers have a unique sound in regards to genre, but they have proclaimed a value of real, organic instrumentation. The Como Brothers leave the artificial production at the door and embrace the creative process, a sure product of their upbringing. They were imprinted with an appreciation for music from the very beginning of their lives as they watched their own father and uncles play in a band. Once they each got a taste of music’s thrill for themselves, they were instantly hooked. The brothers have been writing, singing, playing and performing ever since.

Their musical dreams have sent the boys performing all across the East Coast and around the country. The Cutting Room, the Knitting Factory and the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC are just a few places they have taken the stage. Moreover, the brothers have recorded at Germano Studios with Grammy-nominated engineer Kenta Yonesaka and have played/collaborated with music icons including Andy Burton, Steve Jordan and Aaron Sterling.

The Como Brothers have paved their own way and refuse to surrender their musical dreams to worldly expectations. Their future is quite uncomplicated: more music.

“Music is exhilarating and enchanting,” Matthew said. “To write a great song, a timeless and classic song is all I have ever dreamed about since I picked up the guitar on that very first day.”

“Music cuts to the core of how people truly feel,” Andrew added. “We want to make songs that can reach and touch as many people as possible.”

Matthew and Andrew are refreshingly simple. Watch them perform and you will see two brothers skilled enough to effortlessly engage a crowd with just their instruments. Listen to their music and you will hear an organic yet polished sound, two brothers who have unique yet universal stories and the talent to communicate them.
Though the duo was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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