The artist Jupiter Virus represents something different in alternative rock

He skillfully mixes swing, alternative rock and black lyrics into a truly unique sound that both moves and grooves you.

The world of Jupiter Virus is dark and seems to be located on the border between misery, madness and hope. As you listen to his albums and lyrics a collection of different characters and their stories start to form. The recurring theme seems to be the ability to cope with difficult situations in a dark and unsafe world, but despite this gloomy topic it’s never boring. The lyrics and music complements each other and you find yourself easily singing along in the songs. 

The darkness of the lyrics is mixed with brass and string sounds that follows a beat that makes it uplifting, despite the often serious theme of the song. Subjects such as mental illness, self destruction, anger and desperation are recurring in the songs, but also hope. ”In the loneliness, the anger and vulnerability there is also hope for redemption and a strength to survive and live, no matter how far fallen, or broken you might be.” (Jupiter Virus)

At the moment there are two albums available ”Below the threshold” released in 2018 and ”Secrets and sad goodbyes” from may 2019. Both albums are in the same style, but perhaps the second album is more evolved. ”Im very happy with both albums and I hope that others will like them as well. But whatever happens I will always continue to make music, it was my first love after all.” 

Behind the artist name of Jupiter Virus is Nicholas Bergling, a former punk-rocker that had put his music writing days far behind him. Due to an sudden and unexpected brain surgery in 2011 he found his way back to music as a form of therapy. ”After my surgery, I was in a bad shape and could not continue my life in the same way as before. There was so many things that I could not do any more, I could not work, not drive, not read. I had a really hard time remembering anything new and I could not concentrate at all. I could not even remember the beginning of a film at the end of it, and on top of all this I had a lot of physical therapy to go through as well. But there was one thing that still worked as well as before and that was my music and composing” (Jupiter Virus) 

Music making and composing became a form of therapy at first but after a while the compositions and songs stated having a more professional quality. ”That’s when I decided to go public with my songs but it took a while to make something that I was comfortable with releasing ” (Jupiter Virus) 

The project and artist name of Jupiter Virus came to life after attending a symphony concert in 2017. ”Thats when the idea to mix strings, brass and rock came to mind, it was something that I had never tried before, and the result was much better than I imagined.” (Jupiter Virus )

The persona of Jupiter Virus is a character that watches humanity and weeps, but  also someone how admires humans willingness to survive as well as our ability to strive for a better tomorrow no matter the difficulties and hardships. As for the name Jupiter Virus. ”Well I was watching a tv documentary about the possibility of bacteria and virus survival on one of Jupiter’s moons and they talked about the horror scenario of an unknown virus lifting with a meteorite to earth. Through all of humankinds accomplishments it will only take an unknown virus to destroy us all. The name of Jupiter Virus just stuck with me after that.” (Jupiter Virus) 

So far Jupiter Virus has two albums that are available at all streaming services and he is already working on his next singel to be raised this fall. ”This is time it will be a love song, something that I rarely do. My creative process is always different depending on what I’m writhing. I often start by listening to the melody of the new song idea and then it usually lets me know what it is about.” (Jupiter Virus) 

Jupiter Virus had so far made music that is relevant and speaks to the listener. It fells contemporary but at the same time its topic is timeless. The music speaks to the emotions of the listener and it’s not afraid to touch and remind us of our darker side. Allowing our darker feelings to come forward and take place, to recognise them as our own, without fear or shame, is not just something that should be done, but a must. This is the recurring theme in Jupiter Virus not so cute world.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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