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What Taylor Dee has found is the perfect formula, creating a sound for “The Buzz” that meets at the crossroads of genres, yet is something entirely different and stands on its own. 

Growing up in Texas has its impressions on you. Country music reigns supreme in these parts, and for singer/songwriter Taylor Dee, it has been no different. Taylor was born in Garland, Texas and grew up all around the area. When she was young, her family moved around quite a bit, which made school difficult for her. She was always the new kid, never felt as though she fit in and was bullied a lot in school. She used to eat her lunch in the bathroom stall to avoid it. As a way to express herself and to find some form of peace, she latched onto music and ran with it. She would keep journals of her writings, which were mostly poems that she hoped to one day turn into songs. Her family was filled with music; having a mother who would sing hymns to her before bedtime, a father who introduced her to Janis Joplin and the Dave Matthews Band, and a grandfather who was a touring bass player for the Isley Brothers, David Frizzel and The Ventures. It’s easy to see that Taylor was inspired by her family to create the path that she’s on now.

Fast forward to today, and Taylor Dee is exploding on to the Country Music scene. She has recently recorded in Nashville Tennessee at Grammy-winning studios including Gorillas nest, Studio 23 and Beaird Music Group. Her first single, “The Buzz” dropped on June 14th, 2019, and has received praise from fans and radio alike. It has received air time across many radio stations, including Real Texas Radio, Texas Country Music Radio, The Grey Eagle Radio Show, JJO Radio HD, and The Phoenix Radio Network. “The Buzz” released on all major platforms. Taylor has also been nominated at the 2019 Josie Awards as Female Rising Star Vocalist of the Year.

When asked about her debut album, Taylor states, “We released The Buzz (single) first because it is an attention-getter, but vocally it does not touch what I am fully capable of...so it’s exciting for people to hear all of the different sides of me and my voice on this album! For the album, we handcrafted every song to show every side of my vocal range, which is A-E with a few minors and flats...from rock to soul, rap and then there are a few crazy notes I honestly didn’t even know I could hit!”

While Taylor Dee has been described as “A new age Janis Joplin,” she draws inspiration from all types of music. From classic country, rock-n-roll and even hip-hop and rap. “If music moves me, then I love it, regardless of the genre or whether it’s a MAN or a WOMAN artist! Talent is talent, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing either you got it or you don’t- maybe one day people will see beyond all of that and just appreciate the artist for what they leave out on the stage and how pure and special it is when you feel something they are feeling- man or woman.”  Taylor also gave a few quotes from some of her inspirations, to sum up how she feels about her music and the way her heroes shaped her world.

The world of music has been filled with singers and songwriters trying to make it since the beginning of time. What Taylor Dee has found is the perfect formula, creating a sound for “The Buzz” that meets at the crossroads of genres, yet is something entirely different and stands on its own. Her classic country with a taste of good ole’ rock-n-roll is sure to have you begging for more. The only question that remains is, “What are YOU gonna do when the buzz wears off?”
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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