Tate, a new artist to the music industry, but not to music, is entering the scene

TATE is promoting his new release, “One Step” as an emerging musician. TATE is his name and  songs from this project are his story. Hearing his new EP “One Step” is getting to know a person who has made mistakes, who’s paid for them with suffering and who has grown into an individual filled with care for and relatability to all struggling people that love deep joy and genuine connection.

He’s been in love with music all his life and has been on the heels of his musical dreams ever since, but nothing would instill his depth of character and vigor for emotionally raw songs like his time in prison. He said, “If you were awake during the month of May in 2016, you would have heard my name. Even when I got to prison, I was already famous.” He experienced, what ultimately few of us have; being locked in a cage with nothing but our thoughts. Over time, these thoughts however, manifested into the songs that now make up “One Step.”

Each song on “One Step” took months to craft and uniquely speaks to his fear of a wasted life as well as his hope for real love before death. “Rage” is a conversation with death pleading for him to stay his hand until the singer has lived a full life with the one he loves. “See You Win” is self encouragement not to end it, but to get back on your feet to enjoy life again. TATE shares the inspiration for his song “Died Out”, “I was in prison when I came up with the idea for this song. The power went out and it stayed out for 4 days. When the nights came, all light went with them. In the darkness, I wrote this song in my head (couldn’t see to literally write) comparing love’s struggle to one fragile source of light.” These three songs alone paint a vivid picture of TATE.

There is much more to a song than lyrics as they only cover half the canvas and TATE couldn’t agree more. He puts all of his effort into every faucet of his work, especially his sound and instrumentation. To go back to a previously mentioned song, “RAGE” literally evokes the emotion of rage itself and the desperate begging with death. The punchy bass line, smashing cymbals and driving guitars convey pure ferocity while the airy synths elevate you to the acknowledgement of a higher presence determining your life’s end. Another previously mentioned song, “Died Out” puts in its listeners heads, imagery of a flickering flame as its choruses actually swell in and die out. Of course, words can never come close to describing a piece of music. 

Listening to them, you will also hear the musings of an external artist; not one who sings to others for himself. “I’ve spent enough of my life with myself already. I’m never going to do that again,” he said. What will make TATE stand out from the countless new artists is externality. It’s his motivation for putting on a show in the first place. He plays his music not for people, but with them. He is not showcasing himself, but rather sharing who he is with anyone to not only listen, but engage; people who know that coming together to hear music creates the purest atmosphere of joy and connection. To TATE, that’s what makes music the best thing humans can do.

To get ready for future shows, he has established a presence on social media and has amassed an ever growing fanbase. He consistently creates content for his Facebook, Reverbnation and artist pages that bring in significant views each week. This content is mainly performance videos of him utilizing his many skills turning musical ideas into musical realities. He is currently a one man band, but is eagerly searching for others with musical passions and perspectives as big as his to join him in putting on the best shows possible.

No matter what, you’ll hear TATE’s music in action as his ever growing number of songs are promoted and distributed on any platform you listen to music and you’ll see TATE really soon as he is about to embark on the best adventure there is, playing one’s music to the world.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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