Rachel Righteousluv is on a Spokenword Mission!!

Rachel Righteousluv  tells us "I Am Taboo"...and she definitely is as a new & upcoming SpokenWord Artist & New Yorker whose taboo yet titillating eclectic topics in Spoken Word like Reverbnation trending song "Belly of the Beast" tribute to Eric Garner and many broad range topics like  "Pieces of Me","Mr. Millionaire", "Gangsta Paradise", "Identity CRISIS Pt. 1, offer a UNIQUE perspective on various feelings & community issues hitting our headlines. "Rachel Righteousluv" brings that fresh 'out of the box' soulful lure from vocal greats like Eartha Kitt & Nina Simone, combined with the spiritual lyricist depth of Lauryn Hill, and fun edge of sex appeal and honest approach she can only home to topics many often pass on! Her dynamic lyrics & vocals sets the tone for her bold message that is sure to grab your attention as journalist Cisco Bradley of "Jazz Right Now" stated "Righteousluv brought her poetics and dynamic vocal style that really pushed the music forward." 

"Rachel Righteousluv" has performed as a SpokenWord/Songstress with "Lindsey Wilson & the Human Hearts Trio" at multiple New York venues from the "Shrine", "Silvana", and "Nublu".(as seen in the pictures) Before going into her spokenword platform she performed on her own at the "Apollo" on 3/29/08 for "Exposure Stars Model & Talent Showcase" for a jazzy musical piece from "Showboat" "Can't Stop Lovin Dat Man." Rachel Righteousluv favorite hobby is writing and she often enjoys writing Poetry in her free time which has lead to her future in vocalizing her poetry into the art form of SpokenWord. 

Rachel Rightousluv has stated "I would LOVE to one day perform on a art & educational platform using THEATER like a whole Broadway SpokenWord/Songstress Production! I enjoy bringing out the power of words in a time when many pay more attention to the beat than the words.The good stuff is in the words,that's the real heartbeat of all good songs!"

Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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