Introducing one of Hip Hop Phenom’s : Big Steven Bell

Born in Memphis Tn., Independent Artist Big Steven Bell, real name Steven Bell had a passion for music at a very young age. In third grade the artist took violin lessons on up to the 6th grade where he came in 1st place and 2nd  place in the solo and ensemble contest held at Memphis State. Grade 7 the artist took band and learned how to play the percussion instruments up until the 11th grade. Doing that time the artist put on numerous talent shows from elementary to high school which fueled his passion for music even more. At the age 15, Big Steven Bell got ahold of his first drum machine, the Boss DR5, which he produced his first track, which sparked the artist to continue producing beats as well as entertain the public with his slick and intriguing rap style. 

During this time the artist met 2 Face Relic and started rocking out shows at club Studio G in Memphis Tn. At the same time the artist met L boogie and Emp The Pimp and continued to rock out shows locally in the city of Memphis Tn. In 2002 the artist Big Steven Bell became a member of the group Hyde Park Hustlaz along side his brother Nigarache and 2 friends from the neigborhood Blade and 44. Managed by Cato Walker, the group released the album`` Staying bout the Business ‘’ which featured the artist Poizon and the artist Yo Gotti , which was put out by the hip hop record label Strict 9 Records, which would have been a great success but was short lived due to some unfortunate events. 

The artist Big Steven Bell would later in 2004 become one of the host Dj`s at WJMB Internet Radio along side L Boogie And Emp the Pimp, which led them to form the group On Point Syndicate. In 2005 the group released their album Mo Money through Sonic Wave International.

Now in 2019 the artist is continuing to pursue his musical career. On June 6 2019 Big Steven Bell released his album titled Cloud 9. The artist have several songs getting radio airplay on numerous radio stations in the U.S., such as KALA 88.5, WTCC 90.7, WRSV 92.1, WYCA 102.3, KYZA 92.7, and WBQT 96.9 just to name some of the of the stations that are playing Big Steven Bell’s music. The artist is currently set to release an ep album with Zen Mafia and is currently working on his 2 nd album which he is preparing to release this fall.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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