Inside Gürschach: The early stages of a new metal genre

GÜRSCHACH (Pronounced: Ger-shock) have been yelling “buy our shirts!” to crowds since 2011.  As an experimental metal outfit, the band blend a wide variety of styles and genres to create a new sound that they describe as DARK MATTER.  An initiated fan could attempt to describe it, but it leaves the listener to ponder: “What is DARK MATTER? Why should I care?”  And they shouldn’t.

To understand DARK MATTER, a good starting point comes from GÜRSCHACH’s early influences.  Hailing for the San Francisco Bay Area, the band has deep roots in the classic thrash metal acts from the bay area’s heyday, such as METALLICA, MEGADETH and TESTAMENT.  While initially they could’ve been written off as “just another thrash band,” over time the group became so much more.  All four members come from a diverse set of influences, blending genres such as funk, sludge, Latin, progressive, and punk into their sound.  One can expect to hear slapped bass, technical guitar solos, harsh vocals, odd timings, and groovy drums sometimes all at once.  But unlike many other “avant-garde” musicians out there, GÜRSCHACH never veers too far into the obscure that it leaves listeners lost.  Instead, they blend just the right amount of familiar with unfamiliar to give fans a new experience without alienating them.

Even then, this blend of sound doesn’t answer the question entirely.  While composing their material, the band seeks to defy the norms and concepts of what makes music “heavy.”  Most would attribute a heavy sound with detuned guitars, slow rhythms, screaming, or a strong focus on the riffs of old.  While those factors might help, GÜRSCHACH proves that none of those factors alone are what makes a song heavy. They utilize atypical elements when compared to their peers such as dissonant melodies, extended clean and acoustic sections, syncopated rhythms, slow tempos, fast tempos, and everything between.  Inspired by bands like MASTODON, MESHUGGAH, GOJIRA, ELECTRIC WIZARD, and many others, GÜRSCHACH’s focus is all about writing songs that surge with adrenaline while staying perfectly locked in sync. That, in its simplest form, is DARK MATTER!

GÜRSCHACH is made up of a 4-piece rag tag of misfits: Daniel Justo- Sanchez on drums, Leyland Reid on rhythm guitar, Scotty McRib supplying the bass and backup vox, and the lead guitar, and X as the lead guitarist, lead vocalist and frontman of the band.  They put out their debut album in 2017, which they aptly titled DARK MATTER. Despite being a 100% independent unsigned band, they have already released several music videos, embarked on multiple week-long tours, and been featured in a variety of commentary channels and podcasts.  Coasting off of the buzz of their debut album alone, the band has been featured with JARED DINES and FRENCH STALLION, were invited to attend NAMM 2019, and even opened for national acts such as TAIPAN, PSYCHOSTICK, and RAVEN BLACK.

However, GÜRSCHACH are not keen to stay in the shadows of their big league contemporaries either.  When they take the stage, they come out explosive and in charge.  Hair will fly, sweat will pour, blood will spill, and destruction will ensue.  The frontman especially holds a masterful command over the audience.  Every word he shouts at the crowd, the crowd shouts back.  Every movement he orders, the crowd follows.  The band is so committed to keeping the crowd entertained that they will even jump off the stage and join the fun themselves.  They've even gone as far as to headbutt their instruments, dangle their guitars above the spectators, smash their instruments on stage, and even throw a skull into the pit and watch as the crowd fights for it.  GÜRSCHACH belongs on stage, no matter what size audience.

Having recently returned home from their KISS OUR JOBS GOODBYE TOUR in July / August, GÜRSCHACH are now looking to return to the studio once again. Soon to be released is a tour highlights reel for their YouTube channel, an upcoming single with an accompanying music video, and a long awaited follow up to their debut album in development since 2015!
Though the group was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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