Mercedes Berea Cameron is a singer and songwriter with a focus on creating beautiful, catchy and meaningful songs. Her sound is smooth, direct, and forward-thinking, making for a compelling and timeless feel, with a huge touch of Soul and R&B/Hip-Hop. Although she was born in Alberta, Canada, she was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) and has been passionate about music for as long as she can remember. Music is truly in the blood for Mercedes, as her grandfather (Tawl Ross) was a guitarist in the popular 70's band "Funkadelics", as well country singer Jack Henning is her grandfather on her mother’s side.

Mercedes is the oldest of 7 siblings, whom she mentored and helped raise from a young age, although she did not always have an easy childhood, she is a strong believer in independence and is thankful for her past as it gave her a resilient mindset with nothing but drive and ambition.

Mercedes sings in many different genre's, which makes her extremely versatile and easy to collaborate with. Her stunningly personal lyrics can melt your heart, and her beautiful melodies are hard to forget. At the age of 5, she was already dealing with many different talent agencies such as John Robert Powers, and made Top 10 in The Bounce Showdown, working consistently to kick start her career.

In 2015, she had a life threatening surgery and was told she had a 4% chance to live, and that if she did survive her surgery she would not be able to speak, or sing the same ever again. Thankfully, things turned out well for Mercedes as she dedicated lots of work to get her vocals back where they needed to be, and spent two years recovering. Now she is singing with a voice as clear and as loud as ever!

Before focusing on her solo work, Mercedes was in a well known Hip-Hop and R&B collective of bands know as The HonorRoll Collective, however she decided that it was necessary to overcome some serious soul searching on her own. She is still in collaboration with many of the artists in the collective, as well as a variety of other artists worldwide. In addition to her dynamic and far-reaching vocal style, Mercedes also collaborates with a talented production team, making sure that all of her material is entirely up to the highest standards, offering some of the best quality music releases on a global scale.

Currently, she performs under the alias “Miss Benzo”, in relation to a commonly known anxiety- reducing medication "Benzodiazepines", given that her main goal when creating music is to act  as a cure and to draw awareness to suicide prevention, addiction, mental illness, resilience and forgiveness by giving the audience and fans all of her emotions, and potentially saving lives through her lyrical content. Miss Benzo plans to give the world a euphoric taste of comfort and support giving the feeling of an antidepressant and helping people around the world understand their self worth, and importance.

In one short year Miss Benzo has performed at some of the most well-known sold out venues and festivals in Alberta, including opening for artists such as,“Tyga”, Sorority Girls etc. as well earning the opportunity to perform alongside The Melizswe Brothers shortly after appearance on the Ellen show.

Recently (Late 2018), Miss Benzo released an album titled "Follow Me" filled with personal and thought-provoking songs that infuse the Hip-Hop and R&B sound seamlessly, accompanied by and energetic and hyped vocal performance featuring content showcasing her provocative, sensual lyrical flows. This album is currently available on all major streaming platforms, and will be followed up with a series of upcoming visuals to aid in revealing the storytelling of her artwork.

In the same year, Miss Benzo released a full length Documentary titled "Looks Are Deceiving", explaining the story about how a mother became a musician, the hardships she faces with stereotypical judgements, behind the scenes as an artist and her responsibilities that you don't see, such as her childhood & health issues, as well as the meaning and creative aspects behind some of her released singles. The documentary is uplifting and vulnerable in hopes the world can understand where she came from and how she keeps herself motivated to continue to pursue her dreams.

Miss Benzo is currently a member of Alberta Music, BMI, & Factor and is consistently promoting and supporting other talented and dedicated artists. When she is not busy perfecting her musical craft as a recording artist, Mercedes is also active as a model, mentor and public figure, and she is extremely passionate about changing lives through her music. As well as being a proud full time mother of 4, and student, she always ensures to provide her children with a stable and happy life, with her motto being to prove for her children and inspire them to always chase their dreams, make goals and accomplish them regardless of any setbacks.

Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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