Heart Touching Journey of Songstress Tara Kye Maines

Each song is fresh, inspired by a heartbeat, a soul, and a life of its’ own. A story to be lived. Close your eyes and let your mind go. Where do you travel to? What memories are brought forward?

Fortunately, Tara have many life lessons to draw upon to write and a great friend, John Dean, who writes with her, they just split the credits 50/50 it’s easier that way then they can relax into the creative knowing have taken care of one another. Writing together for 25 years. He is the musician and talent while Tara the one with the crazy ideas who refuses to live life in a box preferring to breakdown boundaries with a machete than live the status quo.  

John Dean and tara first met 25 years ago at a piano store where her parents had purchased  a digital piano for her wedding present. At the age of 24, recently graduated from university and engaged to be married she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma stage 2B, moving quickly into stage 3. She had lost weight from 120lbs down to 90lbs at 5’4 ½ “. Life had been irreversibly altered. Everything went black, She cried till soul bled, dream wedding and wedding dress - cancelled. As she stated, "I lost my hair on my wedding night, thankfully, I had brought a wig with me to exit the hotel in the morning….25 years later, John Dean bought an 1878 Steinway Grand Piano and said we should write a song about how we first met and try to raise some money for Cancer research….

Molten Metal was born. A celebration of life, triumphantly conquering all odds. Complete double meaning. 
“Molten Metal fills my Veins” - Molten metal referring to chemotherapy agents which were metals such as cis-platine but also referring to the way that the metal from your Harley becomes part of your soul. 
“Cold as Flint my will of Steel” – chemotherapy was ice cold entering your veins especially when they missed and referring to the undauntable will of your soul to survive anything just like steel withstands most elements. 
“A bolt of lightning I will ride” – Harley Davidson and the “trip” you take on chemotherapy. 
“Feel the thunder breaking free” – feel the cancer sliding off your back to be left behind permanently and the feeling you get as you accelerate through the gears with the speed pushing you into the seat.  

That was the start, then John Dean and I collaboratively wrote 17 songs together in total as of today’s date including the dog song “Do the Wag”, “Where is that Man”, “Rise”, “Let’s Go! Let’s Go! Let’s Go”, “You only live once let’s get away”.  

John Dean is more like a brother to me than just a friend and apparently, he really enjoyed being amused by my “Shera” roar with his friends, it is this spirit of camaraderie which frees us up to maximize our song writing potential. John has no problems mercilessly teasing me or laughing at my trials and tribulations in life.

Our songs reflect life experiences… the bittersweet healing of divorce “Freedom Rocks”, being in love with the wrong man – “Tortured Love”, dreaming of love – “It’s About Romance”. The joy of riding my Harley Davidson with my friends – “Chasing Rainbows”, “Let’s Go! Let’s Go! Let’s Go”, “Ride of Your Life”, family vacation and pain of losing a loved one – “You only live once Let’s Get Away”, Courage, hope “Rise”, loneliness and confusion “Bitterly Cold”, empowerment – “Shera”, Doggies! “Do the Wag”, to dance “Ride of your Life Remix”, looking for a new man – “Where is that Man”, an ode to Los Vegas of an era past fused with the present - “Beautiful Gangstas”

Gratefully, I was raised in a family who loved to party, laugh, love and live. Memories of campfires, singing with Grandpa playing the banjo or guitar. My father, probably challenged me the most though, we were sailing through a remote beautiful coast, we were the only boat in a cove of rocks, so he suggested that I should go sit on the rock and just play anything that came to my mind. So, I did, I learned how to improvise, create and enjoy! That one crazy memory liberated me to create…"
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:


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