Have You Heard The Brazilian Band Trema ?

In their album released in 2018 (Na Capital), the band from São Paulo, Brazil, went through various aspects of rock, blues and also flirted with pop, alternative and even progressive. But it was on the heavier tracks, such as "Future" and "Mondays", that the group found their best sound.

To pursue the essence of this heavier, but modern, rock, the new single “Stop it” was produced by Adriano Daga (Angra, Malta, Jeff Scott Soto), a Grammy-winning musician and producer. Daga says that in the songwriting and recording process he tried to make the most of the potential he saw in the song and the musicians: "Since the first contact I've realized the sound was a really heavy track, and the musicians, 'caged animals'. What I did was let loose the beasts… And the result couldn't be better.”

To accompany the release of the Single, the band produced a collaborative music video featuring personalities from the Brazilian music and entertainment, as well as friends who have somehow been part of the band's history, with over more than 20 years on the road.

The lyrics of “Stop it” carry a strong and positive message, like says the vocalist and writer, Zebini: “It's never too late to change, and to stop the attitudes that push us away from what really matters: people. And rethink the way we live." About the sound, guitarist Maw Kido highlights: “In the album Na Capital we brought a little of everything with various influences from the rock universe. With this new sound we can rescue more of our essence that basically comes from hard rock and also heavy metal.”

Trema began its journey in 1997. So the band has been on the road for 22 years. Originally the band was a trio, with drummer (Zebini) and guitarist (Maw Kido) sharing vocals. The band performed in countless venues during the early years, playing songs by other rock, hard rock and heavy metal artists. Over time, Trema realized that the way would be to produce their own songs, and so decided to include a new drummer and release Zebini to take over the vocal definitely.

Then they began to create. Nonstop. Songs with Portuguese lyrics, and also English lyrics. Even from Brazil, the band clearly realized that having English songs would greatly expand their possibilities. And they bet on it.

These were a lot of years of production until, in 2018, Trema released their album, Na Capital, with ten songs.

The album has the participation of the genius André Abujamra sharing the vocals in the track "Capital". And also has the participation of Adriano Grineberg on keyboards of "Vida Boa" (good life). Adriano is one of the greatest blues musicians in the country.

To record his album Trema hired as producer and sound engineer the renowned Alexandre Fontanetti of the Space Blues studio, who has worked with Rita Lee (alongside who won a gold album), Guilherme Arantes, Zélia Duncan, André Christovam, Bruna Caram, Ana Cañas, among others.

Some tracks from Trema's album also went through the hands of André “Kbelo” Sangiacomo and Jean Dolabella, from Family Mob studio (Ego Kill Talent, Initial Capital, Chico Cesar, Gal Costa, Sepultura). Mastering is by Carlos Freitas, from Classic Master

Now, in 2019 the band has released their new single, "Stop it", with English lyrics and bet all their chips on this heavier rock, which brought back its origins in hard rock and heavy metal.
Though the group was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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