George Flyer deep bass lines and vocals create an interesting vibe

George works uniquely, he never looks at “stars”, he simply listens to his heart. A good example would be his releases such as “Bored”, “Devote” and “Making Me Hate You”. The music genre should be described as a mix of Pop music with Rap music, sometimes you can hear something Gothic in his songs, but it isn’t the main point of his songs. George is a singer, songwriter, and model, who was born in a small town in Russia but his family never stayed in one place. When he was 12, George and his brother visited the United States and that was when it hit him: George realized that this was the place he belonged, the US was where his heart belonged. It was the moment when he thought: “Ok if I don’t go all in then I’ll become homeless in a matter of time”. As life was going, he never forgot about his dreams even for a second. 

He wanted to inspire people all around the world, he wanted to share the story of his not easy-life. He wanted people to know that everything will be alright, no matter how bad it is now. George was the one who’s willing to fight for the better. Always. He is a good example of an artist that you can trust because you know he went through some tough times. His story shows that if you fight then you’ll be rewarded.

Though He was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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