Torrid Complex’s heavy, driving Progressive metal with no excuses or apologies.

Metal music is an underlining musical style that is often misinterpreted. Styles can range from Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Hardcore, Deathcore, Progressive Metal and so many more! One band has taken the “Southern Metal” approach with their own added unique progressive style to the genre. Torrid Complex, also known as as Houston’s Heaviest Southern Metal Band, is a Metal band from the outskirts of Houston from a town called Conroe, Texas. Torrid Complex are patriotic, Southern men who say what they believe and stand behind their word. The group is solidified with founding member and vocalist Jack Sorenson on Vocals. Koury Snider on Lead Guitar, Brandon Shairrick on Drums, Eric Hoffman on Bass, and Toby Graham on Rhythm Guitar.The band has 3 full length record out with their newest release Left Behind which was released this year back in February (2019). It is a 12 track record that also features one cover song that everyone knows and their interpretation of it fits their style of music. TCX sets to keep the pedal to the floor with their soulful progressive metal grooves and push their music into a National platform for everyone to enjoy from coast to coast. Torrid Complex makes every effort to deliver their music in a way that makes the people that are seeing them for the first time want to see them time and time again!
The Band was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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