The Remarkable Manuel Marino

Manuel Marino is an Italian Music Composer and Producer, living in Sicily and working in the Music Industry since 1999. Manuel has been one of MP3.com top artists and featured in famous "Flashback2000" compilation with the pseudonym Vanethian. Initially, Manuel has studied Classical and Political Sciences studies (Latin, Greek, Philosophy, History, Laws and Sociology). After Manuel’s song "New Millennium" featured worldwide with hundred thousands of copies being distributed, this convinced Manuel to choose his career as an audio artist. In the years leading up to these moments, Manuel was mainly a folk and country acoustic guitarist, however Manuel had learned with external teachers to play piano, electric bass and electric guitar. Manuel has studied music theory in order to create catchy melodies and harmonic progressions. From there Manuel began working for hire for many game developers and producers, becoming a Game Music Composer with an experience of 100+ multimedia and game projects soundtracks done! This experience was invaluable, Manuel was able to work on commercials for small companies as well as documentaries such as "The Misty Experiment", short films such as "I Said" and "Brain Science" and feature films like "Hell Trip" and "The Last Sacrament". During these years Manuel set up his label for electronic music, Marino Sounds,  publishing himself as Manuel Marino, Vanethian (his mp3.com former pseudonym for melodic electronic music) and X-tivity Factor (a new project for hard techno and acid electronica). As Manuel published many albums, with styles ranging from Electronic, Trance and Pop to Jazz, Disco and Funk. Releasing 3 albums with new Film Music produced with the names "Unlimited Music, Unlimited Music 2, Unlimited Music 3" in the coming weeks.
Games are an important part of Manuel’s life and has since one of his passions, Manuel tests games with his customers and studies game soundtracks to improve in any style. Manuel Marino is very proud of his custom orchestra. From his words: ‘Normal Digital Orchestras just have recordings of the Orchestral Instruments that can be played on a keyboard. This makes anything sound too "perfect" and robotic. My custom made Orchestra has those imperfections typical of real orchestras, like noises and "errors" (humanization). Real violins as example, since are played by multiple performers at the same time, have slightly differences from violin to violin. Those performers are humans! But this creates that wonderful "choral" effect that we love when listening to real orchestras. I reproduce that effect.’(sic) Technology is another important part of Manuel’s work and career. His belief is that impressive potential Technology offers, in any field and mainly in music. When Manuel was conducting business for mp3.com,  the normal quality of audio was an mp3 at 128kbps, while now it’s considered normal quality the 320kbps and other formats even better than mp3s. Manuel Marino thinks that the future is bright, for music, for networking and for musicians, collaborating together through very fast connections, exchanging performances and working remotely while staying in each own studio.
‘This is the future’, he says, ‘remote connections and remote projects will become a standard. What I understood clearly during mp3.com years, is happening now!’ (sic) Manuel’s projects are a constant flow of new music, delivered through his label Marino Sounds, and improving his profiles as Manuel Marino, Vanethian and X-tivity Factor. In 2019, Manuel is publishing 10 new albums, setting his goal for next year to keep the same pace. At the same time, Manuel follows his career as a composer working for hire, searching more feature films to work for, improving his orchestral skills and to further establishing business connections.
He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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