The Magic Spreading Natalia Essel

How it all started?
Natalia Essel is a contemporary singer, songwriter, creator, composer. She is unique, beautiful and absolutely magical.  Natalia started writing songs in her early childhood. And on the question 
When did you start singing?
she answers, “The day I was born on this planet. I always knew who I am”.
Natalia was born in a beautiful cosy town near Moscow, but she always felt her belonging to the whole Universe.  Natalia loves English very much. She loves speaking, creating, singing in English. She studied this language for many years. “We had lessons at school but it was not enough for me at all. So I created my own system of studying English for myself and practised it for many years every day. I’m a self-learner in many ways,” Natalia says.
After school Natalia entered the Russian International Academy for Tourism and there she met a person who showed her her first musical computer program and helped to record her first album “This Is Only The beginning”.  This album was released just before her first flight to the United States of America in 2006. During the summer Natalia worked as a front desk host at one boutique hotel in Downtown San Francisco, USA. “It was a hard job. I was a receptionist, a concierge, a booking manager etc at the same time. I was only 18, and it was my first trip abroad. But I was happy. It had been my aim. And I had been chosen for that position by the hotel management. So I was really happy. I learnt a lot. I met many wonderful people from all over the world. People from all over the world started to learn about me. Some of them got my album “This Is Only The Beginning” as a present which flew to many different parts of the globe,” Natalia remembers. “It was wonderful. It inspired me. I also met my first vocal coach there, in San Francisco. We had only a few lessons but she gave me one of the best advice, she said, “You have everything, Natalia. Just relax and Sing. People want to hear your voice”. I was very shy that time. But her advice gave me courage and really helped me. And I’m very thankful for that,” Natalia says.
“The World Of Dreams”
When Natalia returned to Russia from San Francisco, she started practising breathing exercises for improving her vocal skills and also continued to study the musical program herself in her spare time. That time she also started writing her second album “The World of Dreams.”  In 2008 Natalia graduated from the International Academy for Tourism and started working at one big tour company in Moscow. She continued writing her album “The World of Dreams” released in 2010. It was a total success. “I didn’t expect that,” Natalia says, “I had written this album completely by myself just expressing myself. And I didn’t expect at all that it would be so very well accepted worldwide.

The further road
““The World of Dreams” is an album I wrote on the computer,” Natalia says, “but I had always wanted to write something using live instruments. That time I couldn’t play lots of instruments myself, but I heard music in my head and in my heart.” And in 2009 Natalia met a guitar player Edward whom she started to work with and they still work together nowadays. Edward is a multi-instrumentalist, actually. So, they wrote “Pretty Face”, “Wonders”, “Peace”, “Love” and “Keep You” released in 2012. “I write the melody, the lyrics and then Edward helps me to play real the music I hear in my head. We record it and then the result which the public hears appears,” Natalia says.
In 2012 Natalia made a big step in her life. She quitted the job at the tour company to dedicate all her time to music. “It was scary,” she remembers, “I stepped to nowhere, nothing was certain. But life is now, and I decided to risk and live the life I had always wanted to. My family and fans were a great support and I’m so thankful to them.”  And then, in a few months Natalia met her first manager. He owned a Canadian Production Company and helped Natalia in many ways. “Pretty Face”, “Wonders”, “Keep You”, “Peace”, “Love” had been already written by that time, so they were mastered and officially released. The video for the song “Pretty Face” was created and started to inspire the whole world. Natalia Essel’s music appeared on iTunes, Amazon and started to be sold worldwide. The time of many performances and concerts came.  “And then, after one concert I felt I wanted to write songs again,” Natalia says, “I felt it so deeply with all my heart, with all my spirit. I just wanted to be closed in the studio and write new songs”. And it happened. Meanwhile, the paths of Natalia Essel and the Canadian Production Company smoothly splitted, and she continued her way, adventurous, inspiring and unique.
I wrote “Unpredictable”. It is absolutely me in this song,” Natalia says, “I felt absolutely myself, so free and happy. And then new songs started to appear so easily and happily. It was a total surprise for me”, Natalia remembers, “I had felt I wanted to write a song, but hadn’t expected I would write a whole album. It was total inspiration. The songs were falling on me like a waterfall. I was so in the process, I felt absolutely happy. And I realized that I had written a whole album only when it had already been written. It is true happiness when you are where you belong and when you do Your thing. It’s magic and it’s undescriable.”  Now (currently) the new album is in the process of final mastering.
“What happens next? Well, we’ll see. Time will show. I’m Unpredictable, I can only say that I love music, I love singing, I love creating. I love my fans. I love my family. I love my team. And I love to live on this beautiful planet. I’m thankful for every single day. It’s a gift,” Natalia says, “And I’m thankful for the opportunity to sing, to create, to do what I love in my life and to bring happiness, positivity and magic to lots of people all around the world.”  Natalia also adds, “No matter what happens, always stay a good person. Be positive and be yourself”.

She was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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