Lissa DJ LyLy is a Prolific, Forward Thinking and Committed Artist.

Lissa DJ LyLy is an Electro Music Artist / EDM Artist, a Music & Record Producer -Arranger Composer- Songwriter and a Web Radio DJ Music Director. Although she can give her music an impression of lightness, very playful reminding us of childhood sometimes, her musical compositions show a strong logic and complexity. Her lyrics are loaded with riddles, parables and a second-rate humor that is quite tasty. If one starts to look at titles such as "Mafafonia Syndora", "Carimea is Dying", "Ugly B You T Fool" or even albums such as "Hymn More Tales", "108 bit HomoNymy", "Dance Machine iSexy" we can already perceive, this sense of depths and from the search for elevation of thought. Each album, each musical piece, explores a part of the human being in his reports. At first, in front of himself, that is to say, his demons, his dualities, and his complexities, and then, facing life, and ultimately in his human relationships. They can be felt in rhythmic mixtures and the arrangement of very varied musical styles.
The next album to come: Dance Machine iSexy and Dance Machine iSexy (pt.2) will be released on April 11th (Single) and May 2nd, 2019, a 4 tracks EP exploiting the fusion of the man with the machine, the idyllic side Futuristic woman who can be both sensual, sexy and android androgynous. At the same time, this half-human and half-robot aspect characterizes this fantasized ideal, constantly in the constant search for human and worldly pleasures. With a pleasant voice, there is of course a mix of futuristic electro-pop, downtempo and bass future, marked by the personal touch of the artist. In short, an EP / Single that you will listen in loop with a lot of fun!The sounds of Lissa DJ LyLy are unique, weaving intelligent and socially responsible lyrics. each of her songs stand out for his uniqueness. Lissa DJ LyLy is also socially engaged, engaging and active in the arts community. She is the co-founder of a non-profit organization that supports artists and artisans in their artistic endeavors. Through this organization, she has been able to put many services, programs and projects on the ground for emerging and professional artists. No matter what voice you choose, to interact or to get involved with Lissa DJ LyLy.
She was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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