Jump Into The Music Of An Upcoming Artist That Goes By The Name Of DenZe

DenZe was born on February 17, 2000, in Harlem New York. He is an upcoming Artist who currently resides in Upstate, New York. His genres include Light r&b and Hip Hop with a mix of Alternative. He dropped his first project over the summer titled  “Extraterrestrial” which is currently on all streaming platforms. He also has a recent ep which dropped on all streaming platforms on march 15th titled ‘Socks”. Both of his projects have different sounds from Hip hop, Rnb, and even alternative. DenZe doesn't like to limit himself to one genre and plans on expanding to even try some rock sounds in the future. DenZe currently doesn't plan on dropping  any new projects independently but he most definitely has new singles and collaborations on the way with music videos. Right now DenZe is focusing mainly on promoting his music and expanding his fanbase, he currently has a following thats growing periodically in France that he looks forward to making bigger. In DenZe’s Ep “Socks” he features a fan from france by making her poem “The Dream” the intro to his second project. DenZe’s first official single is called Continue. He dropped Continue to all platforms on Feb 18, 2017, and ever since then he’s been uploading his music to main streaming platforms. DenZe has performed at multiple venues opening up for artists like ASAP ant, KSupreme, Smokepurp, And Gherbo with a artist named Hollyhood Shumpoo.
 DenZe is also associated with the group UnLuckyAsf, but currently has his own group filled with youthful talented artist that’s goes by the name “C.O.S.Y”. C.O.S.Y is short for “Cult Of Sad Youth”. The main group members are DenZe, Zzaris, and Lil Grimm. DenZe started the group with Zzaris around last year. C.O.S.Y is soon to have a merch collaboration with UnLuckyAsf coming soon so stay tuned for clothing, you can stay up to date by following DenZe’s Instagram and twitter @real_denze. DenZe started making music when he was in 8th grade. Artists that inspired DenZe are Tyler the creator, Chance the rapper, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi and Earl Sweatshirt. They all had the biggest impact on DenZe inspiring him to make the music he wanted to while creating his own sounds. DenZe recorded and mixed and mastered his whole socks ep himself besides Get A Load and Exotic. DenZe is also the cousin to the artist “ASAP Tyy”. DenZe has two music videos out right now. His first video is called “DenZe - The Blow Up” and his other is called “DenZe - Continue” both now available on his Youtube Channel “C.O.S.Y DenZe”.  
He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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