High Rise Hooligan: There’s no shortage of musicians in this world, but storytellers are harder to come by

A native of Nashville, Tennessee, High Rise Hooligan was raised in a tradition of music. His influences are apparent once you start listening. Raised as a preacher’s kid and military brat, Hooligan’s musical tastes were diverse and random; ranging from classic rock, to worship music, to reggae, to EDM artists like Getter and Malaa. Hooligan describes his music as an attempt to create moments. There’s no shortage of musicians in this world, but storytellers are harder to come by. And, there’s always magic when you can find music that fits your own story. Deeply melodic and beat driven, his 2018 EP, Circles in a Square, elevates your mood and your mind. The hooks arrive with tenacity while the beat keeps it light. Hooligan’s signature song structure gives your ear a new experience and leaves you wanting more. Like the ebb and flow of a worship service, High Rise Hooligan provides his audience with the space to dance and emote within each stanza.
Behind the music, where the soul of his work is found, stands the proud father of a five year-old, a loving husband, and a proud U.S. Army veteran. His life experiences have taken him on an odyssey of self-discovery, self-love, and what it means to grow-up as a millennial. Whether it’s through his music or his immersive social media, Hooligan invites his listeners to sit in the passenger along his journey. He now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, which is home to a growing EDM scene; one that Hooligan is helping to shape. High Rise Hooligan was born out of a love for festival culture- Electric Forest, in particular. There, he found a tribe of compassionate, adventurous, and loving friends- and has not looked back! In fact, he was married to the love of his life, Caroline, during the festival in 2018. If he’s on stage, she’s surely close by. It was from that special fellowship of friends that the vision of High Rise Hooligan was born. It was the puzzle piece for which he had been looking and didn’t know he needed. Now, he’s sharing that joy, through his music, with anyone who will listen. Hooligan’s upcoming 2019 release, All in Good Timing, is a nice blend of Future House and sugar-coated Trap styles of EDM. The EP will feature six new tracks, each giving you melodic vocal chops and an invitation to rage or relax. It’s a clear step up in production quality, is an obvious refinement of Hooligan’s taste, and will be a testimony to his growth as a producer. He is unafraid to venture into other genres of music, taking influences where they apply, and allowing the story of each track to take its own course. His devoted following, known as the #hooliGANG, is excited for this ambitious release, and will be expecting fresh tracks and radio mixes, an order that High Rise Hooligan is confident he can deliver. Whether you’re alone on a drive or in a party full of people, Hooligan is soon to be on everyone’s playlist.
2018 saw Hooligan on the rise. He is currently ranked in the Top 20 on Reverb Nation’s EDM charts and broke the Top 100 on Spinnin Records’ talent pool. He’s been featured at multiple festivals across the midwest, and he is looking forward to performing out more in the coming year. Hooligan’s willingness to include his followers in his everyday life, whether through his music or social media, draws a distinction to his marketing approach that aligns itself with successful minds of the moment. People want something real and accessible. A hardworking  husband and father is both relatable and refreshing in the EDM landscape and Hooligan wants to keep that integrity and authenticity at the center of everything he does.
Following Hooligan on social media ( @highrisehooligan ) means a front row seat to adventures in the park with his son, or skateboard rides with his sweetheart, and of course behind-the-scenes moments in music-making. The #hooliGANG get a taste of his real life, which takes them deeper into his music. It’s inspiration, songwriting, and life-living in real time. One does not simply listen to High Rise Hooligan, one participates with High Rise Hooligan. Establishing your own unique perspective plays a large role in songwriting and music production. Hooligan is an artist and producer who is elevating the EDM conversation and invites his fans to see the world from a different, perhaps higher, view point. And it seems that High Rise Hooligan’s ascent has only just begun.

He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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