Emerging Colorado Artist Rich Owen: A 10-year Overnight Success Story

It’s an old adage that every overnight success was preceded by ten years of back-breaking labor. So it is with Colorado-based Americana and Country artist, Rich Owen. Born the fourth of five brothers, he has been singing all of his life: at home, in choirs, and in front of any audience that would listen. Both his mother and his father were musically gifted; his mother a pianist and his father a talented vocalist. His earliest exposure to music was primarily through his mother. She was an avid fan of Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers, John Denver, and Elvis Presley; however, Rich’s musical tastes crossed multiple genres. He showed an early talent as a vocalist and actor, and by the time he graduated high school it seemed certain he was headed into show business. All that changed when he met the love of his life, Kolleen, the first year he started college.
His love for performing was eclipsed by his love for Kolleen. Realizing the entertainment industry was no way to provide for a family, he made a fateful decision; he would forgo a life in show business and instead follow another passion, to serve his country. He enlisted as an airman in the United States Air Force. Several months after completing basic training and technical school, Rich and Kolleen were married. Never looking back, he threw himself into his military career, eventually attaining the rank of Major. Along the way, he also became father to four children. In 2001, he left the military, taking a job as an engineer with a defense contractor. Throughout those years, he never lost his love of music, performing regularly in the annual USAF Talent Competition, as well as with a number of musical variety groups, though never professionally. Thinking a life as a musical performer just a distant dream, all that changed on Christmas day, 2006. 
Rich’s wife gave him a guitar for Christmas, and he taught himself to play. A couple months later, he wrote his first song, "I Ain't Ready for Forever (to End)", a love song for his wife. With encouragement from friends and the unwavering support of his family, the songs continued to flow. He began to perform, solo and with several bands, in bars, at county fairs, local music competitions, and at benefits for our active duty troops and veterans. Drawing on a lifetime of experiences and emotions, his songs come straight from the heart: songs of God, family, and love of country. He has a unique way of drawing the listener into the stories he tells, and making them truly feel the emotions that play out in the music and lyrics. He has racked up an impressive array of dozens of awards as a songwriter and performer. He has also been inducted into the Colorado Country Music Association (CCMA) Hall of Fame, the youngest performer to ever be so honored. He has released two albums as an indie artist, "Home, God, and Country" and "What's Left of My Heart". Despite these achievements, real success seemed to remain tantalizingly just out of reach. All that was about to change…
A little over ten years after writing his first song, in February of 2018, the “Singing Airman” was discovered by veteran television and music producer, writer, and director Michael Bloom, head of Solaris Entertainment & Media. Recognizing a rising talent, Michael immediately signed Rich to the Solaris label. Late that same year, Rich released his first album under the Solaris label, “Tip Jar”. Response has been overwhelming positive, with hundreds of thousands of steams and downloads of the LP’s tracks, from dozens of countries around the world. The title track is arguably autobiographical, as it talks about the daunting and seemingly endless quest for success in the music business. The rest of the tracks are an eclectic mix that showcases the artist’s wide range, both vocally and as a songwriter. From the traditional honky-tonk feel of “The Kiss of Death”, the hip-hop country sound of “Starting at 10”, to the Americana pulse of “Sky Dancing”, Rich takes the listener on a wide ranging musical journey that surprises and inspires the listener in equal measure.
What’s next for Rich Owen? 
“More than anything,” he says, “I’d like to finally make music, second only to God and family, the central focus of my life! Sure; I want to experience life on the road, and play to a sold-out stadium crowd. But more than that, I want to touch as many lives as possible with the gifts the good Lord gave me. To do for others what the music of my heroes has done for me my whole life.” Beyond that, Rich also dreams of someday being invited to tour with the USO, to bring music and a little piece of home to our deployed service men and women around the world.

He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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