Electrifying Extraordinary Artists Of Bazerk

They Shock The World With They Massive Sound and uniqueness With Their Song Hello America Best Known For Bringing a Live sick stage shows , One amazing unique Most Diverse Band On The Planet ,Braking down the stereotype of This kinda style of music, Creating Their Own Lane and Boundaries Head lining with Major tours With top Main Steam Acts, Spear Heading The way With Concepts and Originality Over a Million plays on sound Cloud. 
2009 formed BAZERK is a hard-hitting, high energy band out of Los Angeles, CA who offers an edgy, raw Funk style with Rock rifts and Hip Hop beats. BAND Members includes Pete Wickes ’420’ - Bass, Todd Bowen ‘Odd Todd’ - Drums, Daneil Sila - Guitar, Dewayne ‘Zu The Great One’ Phelps - Vocals and Marguez ‘Professor Brown’ Brown - DJ. In 2005, front-man Zu was inspired by the artist, Prince, who encouraged him to be out of bounds and expansive with his Hip Hop style. Zu added the influence of Metal and Rock to his sound, and the unique sound of BAZERK came into being, Band has performed all over Southern California and the west coast. They spend their free time recording new tracks and videos, and thinking of even crazier ways to make the fans go wild. Best Describe Bazerk Public Enemy Meets Rage Against The Machine. They recently release their seventh album, “American Made Monster,” which features many new tracks and a few re-worked fan favorites. Bazerk have collaborated on tracks with artists such as funk master, George Clinton who stated that BAZERK was “A great original band” and long-time friend, Angelo Moore from Fishbone and Dr. Mad Vibe.The Chimpz,Hedpe BAZERK has won seventeen Battles of the Bands, earning them a standing reputation and fan base around Los Angeles.
The band was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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