Craig Tatum The Music Of Positive Vibe and Helping Attitude

Craig Tatum aka “Vue”. from Clovis, New Mexico music has a positive vibe and hopefully inspires people and gives them hope. He plans to continue to do so through lyrics and music.His songs like “I Can Do This”, “Ride or Die” that focus on how to change the world and my ideas on what could lead us to a better place. As a single parent, his music has been like a therapy to him, helping him to raise his daughter, Harmony. He started a charity called “Operation: Cool Down” that’s been up and running since May of 2018, but music is his true passion. Hr influences in music are Al Green, R. Kelly, and Garth Brooks. He Say’s, that he never been a big fan of derogatory music that has a negative impact on the youth and anyone else that it affects. 

His song “I Can Do This” was inspired through me being a single parent and all of the situations that come with that. “Ride or Die” is a song that was inspired by his parents devotion and dedication to each other and their relationship, as well their influence on him. Like his music, the charity “Operation: Cool Down” completely focuses on helping people, with a focus on the elderly, that are down and out in the community without requiring them to provide proof of anything or fill out any paper work. He just want to help people.

He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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  1. I love this song I Can Do This because not only do single parents go through situations get around the video but most of the population does. So yes I listen to this song every day it inspires me to get up and go and not give up as I am a single parent myself. Thank you for your music Vue.. I pray this song puts you on the map. God bless you & Harmony.