Russian band Comarana ready for third luck! in april

After first 2 albums Comarana decided to fully commit to record the third one. Their fans remember their first official album “Pink Cadillac” which was a mix of classical disco and soft rock. The album helped them to enter the world music scene and attract attention of some record labels. Their second album “Traveler” was influenced by traditional Indian and Sri Lankan music. The band had please to work with the artist Rivindu Yaddehige from Sri Lanka and also had a guest singer Rahul Hari from India. After the release of the album Comarana toured 1 year mostly in Russia and Spain. Comarana visited Cambodia in search of a new inspiration for the next album. 

As you might guess the third album is not going to be of same musical styles as the previous 2 albums. The 3rd albums will contain covers of songs that have influenced us through the years as well as original songs. The single “Espejo” is already available on the major music streaming platforms. Be prepared for surprises! The approximate release of the album is in the middle of April. Camarana is a band made up of talented singer and bass player from Russia Anastasia Tikhonovich and also very talented composer from Croatia Marko Josipović. Love brought them together and they decided to make music. Marko Josipović is the front man of the band, composer and guitar player. Anastasia Tikhonovich is a singer, bass player and sometimes lyrics writer. This band has an interesting combination: Marko Josipoić – experienced musician and talented composer from Croatia, which overcame the hardships of a life of a musician; and Anastasia Tikhonovich – also experienced and talented singer from Russia, who has very positive attitude toward life. Comarana: “We are just simple and happy people. That is all.”

You can found more about the band on February 2019 Issue at here

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