Mean Motor Scooter is a kinda fuzzy, kinda surfy garage-rock band

Mean Motor Scooter is a kinda fuzzy, kinda surfy garage-rock band from Fort Worth, Texas. Founded in 2015 by singer and guitar player Sammy Kidd, drummer Jeffrey Friedman and bassist Joe Tacke, the band hit the ground running. The trio played 31 shows in 2015 throughout Texas, including shows at the Dallas Music District Festival, with bands like Leopold and His Fiction and Aaron Behrens. Mean Motor Scooter released its self-titled EP in August of 2015, which was put out on a limited edition cassette by Dreamy Life Records. In 2016, the band continued the momentum, playing 48 shows, including three unofficial showcases for SXSW and Oaktopia, the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards Festival, Fort Worth Rock Assembly V and legendary Dallas venue, Trees. 

In April, Mean Motor Scooter released the singles,“Naked Brunch” and “Such a Seducer,” which received a lot of positive local press and were mentioned in some “Best Of 2016” lists. That same year, the Fort Worth Weekly awarded Mean Motor Scooter “Rock Band of the Year.” Mean Motor Scooter began recording their first full-length album, Hindu Flying Machine at Cloudland Recording Studio in Fort Worth, October 2016. During that time they were asked to record songs for both the Dreamy Life Records’ Group Therapy Vol. 4 compilation and the Fort Worth Weekly’s Frequencies Vol. 8, the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards’ compilation. 

The group recorded “Mechanical Man” for Group Therapy Vol. 4 and “Surfing Pizza” for Frequencies Vol. 8. Both were released in 2017. Before finishing the recording of Hindu Flying Machine the trio decided it was time to bring in another member. Rebekah Elizabeth was added on the combo organ. Mean Motor Scooter played their 100th live show in July of 2017, at the newly opened Main at South Side. In June the band was awarded “E.P. of the Year,” “Band of the Year” and “Artist of the Year” by the Fort Worth Weekly. On October 13, 2017, the Hindu Flying Machine album was released and Mean Motor Scooter signed with Dirty Water Records USA. That November, the band went on their first tour through Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas with The Darts and Escobar (FR). Throughout 2018, MMS amped up the momentum yet again and continued to play shows both local and abroad. The band flew out to Phoenix, AZ in April, 2018 to play a label festival at Crescent Ballroom on behalf of Dirty Water Records USA. 

In July 2018, Mean Motor Scooter once again flew out to Phoenix, AZ to begin their second tour along with The Darts, The Atom Age and Bee Bee Sea. The tour started in Phoenix and continued through to coastal cities in California, including Costa Mesa, Los Angeles and ending at San Fransisco. After returning from the tour, Mean Motor Scooter went back to Cloudland to begin recording the next set of releases set for early 2019.

You can found more about the Mean Motor Scooter on February 2019 Issue at here

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