Kendra Black on her Evolving ‘EDM’ sound, New Album ‘The Fire’

New York City based artist Kendra Black has releases a new EDM/ Pop/dubstep infused album that takes the listener on a journey that goes well beyond electronic music. Stay on the lookout for ‘The Fire’ released on Friday February 1st. She was better known for her single ‘Rude’ in which featuring the renowned rapper Snoop Dogg. The track from her album ‘Edge’ released in late 2017, was primarily a pop/hip-hop record and was recorded in Cali with producers Mike Gonsolin and Nick Nittoli from Trend Def Studios in Los Angeles. It had numerous hits on various streaming platforms & radio channels. In May 2018 she then released an EDM single ‘Dangerless’, which marks her transition into more electronic music while still maintaining a Pop feel. Her brand new project ‘The Fire’ merges both Pop and electronic music, and takes the listener on an uplifting journey of life and love. The main single ‘This Love’ is dancy yet sweet, while tracks like ‘Storm’ ‘Set me free’ and ‘I’m better’ have more of a dubstep/ trap feel, and deliver a strong message on the liberating power of inner strength and independence. On another hand, the album also has slower tracks like ‘Mind Games’ and ‘Covered in Sin’, which have more of a soul, contemporary RnB vibe.‘The Fire’ was recorded at Lounge Studios in NYC, home of Atlantic Records. 

Kendra has performed in some of the most renowned venues in New York City, such as Highline Ballroom, Webster Hall, Mercury Lounge, and The Knitting Factory, and in April 2018 she won an award for Best Contemporary Pop Act in Virginia at the Richmond International Music and Film Festival while on her ‘Dangerless’ Spring Tour. Throughout her career, Kendra worked with many professionals across the country and has travelled and performed throughout the United States and internationally, however, not everyone knows that she also has a background as a professional ballet dancer. Kendra was born in Palermo, Italy but she moved to France at the very young age of 12 years old to pursue her artistic training, where she also had the opportunity to take her first vocal lessons with music professor Gilles Caiulo from The Music Conservatory of Cannes. She then relocated to Monte-Carlo and later Washington DC, where she graduated in from the Kirov Academy of Ballet as the youngest of her class. Her music career then took over her ballet in 2012 upon her move to New York City, where she worked with many teachers and producers that helped her propel her music career even more forward. She trained with Justin Stoney, founder of NY Vocal Coaching, Ilana Martin from Vocal Workout Singing School, and A&R Meghan Cress from Voice Academy NYC.

You can found more about Kendra Black on February 2019 Issue at here

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