Australian songstress Zoee touched the hearts of thousands while peforming from US to UK.

The chart-topping and multi-award winning Australian-born singer/ songwriter (actress & model) Zoee is one of the most exciting Alternative Country/Americana/Pop phenomena to hit the UK country music scene. Zoee has touched the hearts of thousands while she’s travelled the world performing from the US to the UK. Her ever-present storytelling & uplifting songwriting style has been compared to world-class artists such as Rod Stewart, James Blunt, Steve Earle, Dolly Parton & Taylor Swift. Dusted with underlying messages & entwined with personal narratives, Zoee keeps her sound grounded & raw, much like the music of the 1970’s & 1980’s. Elegant. Powerful. Individual. Zoee, the Australian native singer-songwriter, crossed the Oceanic in 2014, for her first Tour in North America, recorded and released her first studio demo album in 2015 & moved across the world to the UK in 2016 to pursue her passion for music, where she is currently stands at No#1 on the Scottish New Music Global Charts and is working on collaborations with Norman Saleet & Australian Country Music icon Graeme Connors. After the success of her singles last year, 2019 has started off with Zoee working on her first official EP (which is a documentation of her adventures; following the monstrous move from Australia, around the world) and a lineup of impressive festival performances to be announced, plus continuing her work in film/TV music in the UK & diving into US & Sweden with collaborations and upcoming projects with the BBC. 

2018 was a year of growth for Zoee from performing all across the United Kingdom and in front of thousands to releasing her first official single, “It’s the Weekend”, “Kiss To Remem- ber” and “This Time” (which hit the Scottish New Music chart at No#15) and the success of her Official Film Soundtrack “Town” which topped the Scottish New Music All-Genre Global Chart and won two awards being the “Best Film Soundtrack” and “Best Original Song in Scotland” at the Infinitime Music Awards. Zoee’s father Dundee and lead guitarist in The Band. Often caught “ghosting” over the songs; a term commonly depicted by the audience to describe Dundee’s unique guitar playing style. Zoee’s brother Zedd & rhythm keeper, Zedd, is the fundamental heartbeat to The Band.

You can found more about her on February 2019 Issue at here

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