Dedrick Weathersby “The Entertainer” hits success with ‘Remembering James’- FROM EAST TEXAS TO THE BAY AREA

Dedrick was given continuous critiques of being the hardest working performer in each show. After Dedrick’s first round of Dreamgirls the Broadway musical, he started to embark on the history of James Joseph Brown Jr. His start was in a karaoke bar in El Cerrito CA, where he stunned the patrons with “I feel Good” and later singing “This is a Man’s World”. By the crowds reaction and the approval from the owners, Dedrick knew he had something special. Dedrick hired a vocal coach, to assist with different vocal techniques, which is required to sing various James Brown songs. He began writing the One Man Show in 2013 but didn’t complete until 2017. After receiving the Rights and License to James Brown songs, Dedrick went into the studio and began recording with Timeless Studios out of Cincinnati Ohio, which would be titled the “Remembering James” album. Dedrick lives and rehearses with a certain phrase from the late Great James Brown “You can’t kill a man with SOUL”. Dedrick guarantees to give 220% each time he touches the stage and just like James Brown, he expects nothing less from those whom is around him. Dedrick is a firm believer, if you remember those humble beginnings, you can use each moment for future endeavors. Dedrick will debut his One Man Show ‘Remembering James’ in February 2019 with the collaboration of Boxcar Theatre and the Creators of Speakeasy San Francisco.

You can found more about the Dedrick on February 2019 Issue at here

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