Songstress Echolily to unveil pre-release song 'Under the Clocks'

Singer Echolily will drop the pre-release single "Under the Clocks (Stay)" on February 13, according to its agency Echorecords.

Echolily grew up in Malaysia but relocated to Australia in 2015. Although often described as a closeted musician, she is constantly striving to make music that would break the boundaries of her little echo chamber. 

Today, she would describe her music as synth pop,trip hop and 'can you make that more lo-fi please? 'echolily when not producing from her homestudio, works as a medical doctor. A front liner throughout the pandemic lockdown, echolily finds solace in music production. "Under theclocks" is a love story set in locked down Melbourne centering on the iconic Flinders Station clocks.

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