Stuart Lisbie Pops Up On his new single "Can't Keep My Distance"

Stuart Lisbie Shares New Single "Can't Keep My Distance". This song was inspired in early lockdown London, UK. Working remotely with Toby Salmon, Nixon Rosembert (Musical Director of The Drifters ) developed on the concept and went on to write the song over Zoom sessions using Google docs. After that, they moved into production with a steep learning curve on remote recording! Finalising with online mastering from Abbey Road Studios.

Stuart Lisbie’s first release was under Smiley Culture’s record label Happening Records - way back in 1987. Since then Stuart’s soulful voice has brought him to perform all around the world including 10 Downing Street and more recently in Rio de Janeiro as the lead singer of Personal Life.

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Listen to "Can't Keep My Distance" and watch the video, and let us know what you think. 

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