Up-and-Coming Piano-Rock Foursome, TWOFEW, Keep it in the Family, Taking Us On a Wild Ride That Leaves us “Dreamin’” About What Comes Next

CAPTION: (From left to right, TWOFEW members: David Lazar, Michael Lazar and Danielle Lazar)

It’s not often you see three members of the same family in a band together. But when it happens, and when the sound is killer, it just makes the entire story that much more interesting. That’s the story of the band we’re talking about here: TWOFEW. Stick with us as we give you a brief synopsis of how they came to be and just why we’re in love with their newest single.

It all began 25 years ago in a garage, explains the frontman, keyboardist and lead vocalist of up-and-coming piano-rock foursome, TWOFEW, Michael Lazar. But really,he infers, it came about even longer ago than that. Lazar stated

I started playing piano at the age of four. I never knew that it would lead to this, so many decades in the future. But where it really began was about 25 years ago, when I formed a rock band band with my brother, David, and we began playing shows extensively around the West Coast.

After being rated as Master-Master on the keys at age 12, Lazar says he took a different direction with his music, putting down the piano and picking up a guitar to play in a band with his brother. But his classically trained licks would return when the itch came back at age 35. Lazar stated

Piano has been a lifelong love affair for me. But the itch didn’t return until my wife, Danielle, had a piano delivered to our house for our son, to make it easier for him to take lessons at home. I remember walking by that piano and hearing little voices in my head screaming for me to sit down and play it. One night, after a few cocktails, I found myself reigniting my love for the piano. And that’s when the first inklings of what would be TWOFEW came to be.

From there, Lazar says it was a few intrepid years of relearning his muscle memory,trying to find new licks to play that were of the moment and modern, and trying to get his existing band involved in the tracks. Much to his dismay, Lazar explains that the sound he was striving for simply didn’t comix with the band he was in (a band he currently is the co-founder, rhythm guitarist and frontman of: Complicate/Simple).

When Michael’s band suddenly lost their bassist, his wife Danielle, decided to try her hand at the instrument. Aside from her being a rookie, Danielle effectively stood in for the missing fourth person, and even was recorded on bass on a few of Complicate/Simple’s tracks before departing in favor of a bassist that better fit the band’s mold.

Upon Danielle’s exit, Michael and she decided to form a two-piece piano-bass-vocal act.The name, TWOFEW, derived from the fact that they were two members shy of a four-piece band, which was the ultimate goal. After composing a solid EP together, Danielle and Michael jammed with David and decided he was a great fit to add to the band on lead guitar. Over the next few years,they fine-tuned their sound. Amid the pandemic, the group would later add incoming rhythm guitarist, Erik Fernandez, rounding out the foursome.

After a chance meeting with producer Chris Lawrie, the band’s fate was sealed. Just six weeks after adding Erik to the group, the foursome penned a single called ON THE RUN, which was released to much fanfare online, and which also helped the band cement their name as a solid up-and-comer in the music industry. Just six weeks after that, the band dropped their new single, DREAMIN’ – and the rest is history.

DREAMIN’ is an eclectic pop ballad that, as Michael describes, tells the story of “a small-town girl with big city dreams, who realizes that sometimes everything isn’t exactly what it’s cracked up to be; especially when you have an unfaithful significant other.” From the very opening of the song, smooth guitar licks add an original classic rock ambience, creating a timbre between the subtle, yet refined, lead guitar licks and the underlying rhythm guitar lines. These syncopate with silky, warm bass riffs and in-the-pocket pop percussion (courtesy of the producer, Lawrie). On top is the best part:Michael’s thick, rich and one-of-a-kind vocals and lyrics, paired with unique and invigorating piano lines that take you on a musical, dreamy journey—helping you feel like what it might to be in the mind of a girl who’s going through these complicated motions.

DREAMIN’ marks the second release for TWOFEW and it’s a simple, yet complex tune that will have you pushing the “replay” button over and over again and favoriting the track on your MP3 player. It’s complemented by an artistic and well-done Music Video that is both visually stunning and well-produced. Considering that the band has yet to drop their third single, a forthcoming song they plan to release in 2021 called FIGHTIN’ FOR, this tune represents a very well concerted and excellently produced second attempt by these freshman rockers (who sound more like an experienced band pushing out a third album feat than newbies).

It’s hard to put TWOFEW in any one particular genre. But for this song, it’s easily a piano-alt-pop rock vibe that will have the melody, vocals, lyrics and instrumental hooks stuck in your head for a long time to come. We can’t wait to see what they do next. We’re already hooked.

You can learn more about TWOFEW by visiting them online at: Official Website