Jammison slide through with a brand new single "Late"

In the midst of a global pandemic, only memories of the West Hollywood nightlife seem to remain. With bars and nightclubs being forced to shut down for the sake of everyone’s safety, where do people turn to find a sense of community and a brief escape from reality? This precise sentiment of nostalgia is what sets the tone for up-and-coming artist JAMMISON’s new song “LATE.”

JAMMISON is the stage name of Mexican-American pop singer/songwriter Jesús Jaime Vizcaíno Valdivia, who is based in Los Angeles, CA. JAMMISON’s preferred pronouns are He/Him.

“LATE” is JAMMISON’s latest release. It represents his arrival to the music industry as a gay man in his 30s making pop/dance music. In “LATE,” JAMMISON asks the audience if it’s “too late” for him to seduce them with his sound and lyrics? The song is a highly energetic, catchy dance bop with a “Spanish Sweet Spot.” 

“‘LATE’ is a vibe. It’s a mood. I wanted to bring a few of my favorite components from the queer night life to people’s living rooms around the world. I also wanted to spice things up a bit by adding the “Spanish Sweet Spot” right after the hook. We may not be able to dance with one another, but we can still establish a connection with one another through music,” reveals JAMMISON.

“After having survived COVID-19, I realized I didn’t want to wait until it was too late to follow my dreams. It was then that I realized “LATE” had to be my next song release. As long as one lives, it’s never too late to follow one’s dreams.”

From a young age, JAMMISON discovered in music a coping mechanism that has helped him deal with challenging situations when they’re out of his control, as well as to endure the adverse feelings caused by such circumstances.

Music has always been my happy place. I remember being five years old and singing ‘Como la Flor’ by Selena in my backyard every time I missed my father. I’d sing, cry a little, and then (BAM!) like magic everything was fine again. I like being happy, and music just brings so much happiness to my life.

During this pandemic, many of my loved ones seem scared, worried, and tired. Some of us have been fortunate enough to have recovered from COVID-19, but not everyone has had the same luck. I feel so grateful that I was able to recover and continue to be alive. I just couldn’t wait to make more music and share it with everyone. I truly hope that ‘LATE’ sparks joy in the heart of every listener, and that it makes them feel good.

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