Ro Jordan Expresses Her Pain On New Track "Been Here Before"

The latest single, ‘Been Here Before’ from BBC Introducing supported Artist and Producer, Ro Jordan, gives us listeners yet another powerhouse vocal performance in this triumphant soulful Pop ballad.

From being featured in the Top 25 Most Played on BBC Radio, to national magazine features, Ms. Jordan is causing some excitement within the music industry. With its immensely soulful, atmospheric orchestral arrangement, Ro has made an arena concert experience in this one song. This particular single, whilst still feeling melancholy, shows us Ro’s range, from hearing the grit in her emotional vocals, to her uplifting powerful belt, drawing influences from 90s Divas combined with modern day R&B and Pop/soul.

The lyrics explore the idea of a constant repeat in a relationship, in which there is no room for growth together and that it’s an endless cycle, showing no remorse in who gets hurt. It presents an idea of feeling defeated from being with someone, but that you are not broken as an individual.Creating exceptional melodies, Jordan has produced songs that have a timeless quality to them. Showcasing epic ear candy, when listening, you can hear her unique and undeniable vocal phrasings. Both as the sole writer, producer and mix/mastering engineer, Ro is able to present herself as an all round Independent Artist.

The video to the song pacts a dramatic story telling narrative of the ‘back and forth’ concept, following artist, Ro Jordan, symbolising the feelings of the song, sinking beneath the surface of the water, broken ruins in fields (representing the part of her that is damaged yet still standing). Conveying themes of betrayal and suppression, Ro carries herself in the video, directing most of her performance to miming at the camera, as to address the viewer directly, for relatability in this passionate ballad.

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