John Goebel bring an expression of the real nirvana to his song "Oasis (Fountain of Life)"

John Goebel is an artist who’s music is meant to express the fact that the reality of peace and love is more and more attainable as action is taken on a hopeful future.  An example of this can be seen on the album “Memoirs in Space - EP.”  The song titled “Oasis (Fountain of Life),” is an expression of the real nirvana that exists in life. It might look different than previously thought, as this song is set in the landscape of a paradise on Mars. In order to walk past the walls that have faithfully stood to prohibit the entrance into this place, it is important to let go of control of the interpretation of reality itself. 

The most principle and foundational truths of this Oasis is that any action taken out of fear or insecurity will only lead to the existence of the very existential outcome that was being avoided and that there is only the illusion of control when it comes to willfully experiencing life in a better way. In order to enter through the closed walls of the Oasis and drink from the Fountain of Life, it becomes apparent that there must be constant and continual acceptance of the present and the willful surrender of such illusionary elements as controlling the future and personal mind control.

It will be evident in the upcoming release titled, “King of Spaces,” that there will elements of contention, but not without solution through patient expectation that the Oasis is always a wall away no matter what alien terrain one might find themselves living on.

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