Milesia announces debut single “Left On Repeat" from LP "Pleasant Vibrations"

Left On Repeat is a song from the recent LP 'Pleasant Vibrations', the debut album of upcoming Indie artist 'Milesia'. Before this, the artist had not produced any music, even a single. So expectations (or anticipation) for the record literally did not exist. This does not mean he wasn't making music, however, since he was merely bottling it all up until he felt it was time for a release.

As a debut record, the album is, of course, attempting to clarify what Milesia is all about. And what is Milesia all about? According to the song 'Left On Repeat', he's all about experimentation, as the track is layered with dreamy guitars, mellotrons, electro beats, and a whole lotta crunchy electric piano all packaged into one. The song tells the story of a dream which is "a complex story when you share it, but quite straightforward in your head" encompassing all types of conceptual ideas. 

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