Introducing Kerry Junior: The genre-bending singer representing the Gary, Indiana

Kerry James Rogers Jr. aka Kerry James or "KJ." is a 26 year old  R&B/Indie Artist, Singer-Songwriter and Musician born in Chicago. Raised in Gary, IN, KJ began singing at the age of 19 when his mother (and #1 Fan!) gave him his first acoustic guitar for Christmas, 2012. KJ was a premature infant and has suffered from seizures, COPD and even stroke throughout his life. He has also a speech impairment. But, this has never stopped him from reaching for the highest heights in music and in life!
In the Spring of 2013, KJ began to attract fans while singing on the steps at City Hall in Gary, IN. He also started performing at many local open mic venues (and others) where he endeared himself with fellow fans and fellow musicians alike. KJ started to earn much media attention for his life-story, talent and charm. KJ was recently featured on the front cover of Chicago Bridge Magazine with Brigette Wiley and other popular artists. He continues to appear regularly in newspaper and magazine articles. He's ad popular guest performer on radio and television programs throughout Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area. KJ is an inspirational figure as well as a natural music talent. 
He welcomes the opportunity to lift the spirits of all those around him through his story and song! Including He is a activist for HIV/AIDS awareness, also a homosexual singer so he wanna  inspires others with gift an talent efforts to overcome observation of making a difference in others life.

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